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Friday, May 8, 2009

Family outing @ Aman Rimba

End of last month, the playschool that Lynn is attending had organized a family outing to Aman Rimba at Janda Baik, which nestled in the hills of Pahang. Children from the playschool were free of charge, but the parents had to pay for the transportation. They chartered a school bus for the parents and the children. There were few parents drove there themselves.

We gathered in the playschool at 9am and departed around 9.30am. It took us about 1 hour to reach Janda Baik. The bus could not access Aman Rimba directly. Therefore, we had to walk about 400m from the main road. The parents who drove there, helped to transport the children to Aman Rimba. Thanks to Hao, I get to ride the car also as it was too sunny to carry the baby to walk all the way in. Poor hubby had to walk himself.

Aman Rimba is a private estate. Its design and architecture has been heavily influenced by the yesteryears of Malaysia. Capturing the aura of "kampung life", with its artistic impressions and natural highlights, while fusing the convenience of modern amenities, Aman Rimba is the priceless masterpiece of its authors, Sabri and Norwati.

Aman Rimba was designed primarily to be a private sanctuary for family and friends of the Sabris. Every corner features a story to be told through years of personalized creation, offering a homely aura. It encompasses three acres of fruit orchard in a natural forest environment.

Various activities are available – swimming pool that overlooks the freshwater lake; boat ride at the freshwater lake that you get to enjoy exotic birds like swans and a variety of ducks and fishes; multi purpose court; refreshing dip at the cool mountain stream which flows calmly over large boulders and rocks; or relaxing yourself at the “Sireh” house, a traditional Malaysian village house constructed entirely of wood that is very cooling and just nice for the hot weather of that day.

After a brief introduction by the guess relation, we were free to enjoy ourselves. First thing that attracted the kids was no other than the swimming pool. Same for Lynn. She was bugging me to let her go to the pool. I found that it was hard to say no to her looking at most other kids were in the pool even though I was reluctant to let her dip into the pool when the clock was closed to 12pm!  It was so hot. Luckily, I brought the sunscreen along.

019 020

While I was with Lynn at the swimming pool, hubby brought Hao for a walk to the mountain stream. 011

This is their Outdoor bathroom, where the walls are made from bamboo. Amenities such as Aromatherapy shower gel, hair shampoo, hair conditioner and body lotion are well prepared for the guests. Noticed the water is coming out from bamboo too.

017 018

The “Sireh” house features an expansive living area, complete with television, daybeds and pantry. It  has a separate bedroom houses a four-poster queen sized bed with attached bathroom.



We packed some hotdog, snack and fruit juice for our lunch. Hao was so tired that he fell asleep on my lap after taking his milk. Lynn definitely enjoyed herself there. A boy always looked for her to play with until his mother asking the teacher is Lynn his little girl friend. Hahahaha! We left the place at 3pm. It was a good trip. We all had a good time. It was nice to forget about the work and spend the day with the kids. Thanks to the playschool for organizing such event for us.


reanaclaire said...

wow..playhouse also organize day trips for families too? good bonding then... so u r from Pahang, Cheeyee? i think u r my first Pahang fren then... haha... do keep in touch.. i have u in my blogroll ... take care..

cheeyee said...

Reanaclaire - No I'm not from Pahang. I'm from KL actually. Janda Baik is just about 1 hour drive from KL only. :)

De'Little Ones said...

a nice place indeed. Wish it is open to public though.

Oliveoylz said...

A nice family outing. Lovely pictures u have there.

Mummy to QiQi said...

wow...such a nice place. have never heard of this place though!

Kit said...

Lol. I'm so glad I kept saying "get the camera out".

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