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Sunday, May 31, 2009

I’m turning three!

Oops… mommy so busy. This is Lynn’s birthday celebration about 2 weeks ago. :P

We celebrated Lynn’s birthday with close family members, in the Pizza Hut restaurant. There were about 11 of us with 4 young kids. I booked the party package with them. The place and environment were good. Ample of space for the young kids to run around and play. Lynn and her cousins were having a good time running and playing with the party packs we bought for the kids. Even Hao also wanted to step into the ground to join them. But the food according to hubby was just so so. I was sick that day. Was having high fever and thus hardly eat anything. We saw another group of people also was having birthday celebration for the kids, with KFC. I think that one probably is a better choice. :)



On Monday, Lynn had her birthday celebration at the playschool. First time for her. I was still having high fever and was taking a day off from work. Hubby also was busy at work and thus none of us dropped by the playschool. I hope she won’t feel disappointed. We bought her a 3kg jelly cake. Thanks to the teacher for taking the pictures for us. ^_^

Although turning into three, and Hao is going to be one next month, Lynn is still jealous over her little brother here and non-stop seeking attention from us. But good thing is she loves her brother and they both like to play together. And sometimes, Lynn will bully her brother too by snatching away the toy from his hand. I noticed she is more naughty in my parents house. I suppose she acts to seek attention especially from the grandparents, as my niece is around. My parents help to take care both Lynn and Hao after playschool is over, before we go pick them up after work. So it’s like a mini kindy in their house, full of noise from the kids, shouting, playing and crying. :P

In terms of speech, no doubt that Lynn is very good in talking. She can speak in English (still not very good yet but improving), Mandarin and Cantonese. She speaks English at the playschool, Mandarin and English with us, and Cantonese with my parents. She knows lots of words, by learning from the picture books and from watching those education DVD. She can sing quite a number of songs that she learn from the playschool.

Lynn is an active girl. She likes to run around playing. Nowadays she likes to do pretend play at home with us. Pretending she is like me, doing cooking; pretending that she’s the teacher at the playschool, taking care the kids etc. I always laugh when I see her doing pretend play and always making fun with her about it.

One thing I’m not happy and still having headache is, she’s still like to suck her thumb. Honestly I would not want Hao to pick up this bad habit from her. Whenever I caught her sucking thumb and ask her when is she going to stop doing it, she will just shyly smile back to me. :(

When come to food, her favourite is egg, cheese, butter, raisin, biscuit, sweets. She' is picky over the vegetable. Depends on her mood, sometimes she will ask for vegetables and sometimes she will take it all out from her rice. :( She used to like taking bread, but now I think she’s started getting bored with them.

In terms of her health, I think she’s losing weight. Partly at one time, she falls sick very often. I hope she will outgrow of it and get stronger.  Partly also due to her picky eating habit. Sometimes she eats a lot, sometimes don’t know why she eats very little, even though is her favourite dish. Like her father, Lynn is tall, thus make her looks even thinner.

People always says terrible three. Yes, indeed. Me and hubby have to non-stop looking for ways to understand and communicate with her. Most of the time, I know is due to her jealousy. I hope she will outgrow of it soon. Our love for her has not been reduced. In fact, because of Hao, we love her more. At times, I feel sorry to Hao as I have to let him cry while attending to Lynn. She’s a sensitive child. I wish she will be healthy and happy always, and stop sucking thumb! :D


Oliveoylz said...

Happy Birthday Lynn!!! Lucky girl. Two celebrations wor...Her cake is giant-size!

Anonymous said...

Hmm... jealous eh? Hopefully she'll grow out of it soon. Is Lynn somehow protective of Hao?

cheeyee said...

Oliveoylz - Thanks. The jelly cake is for 20 kids + teachers in the playschool. That's why I bought 3kg.

Cleffairy - Hehe, don't know when she will out grow of it. No matter how much love and attention we give her, seems not enough. Still teaching her to sayang her brother more.

Anonymous said...

=.= hopefully Lynn wun be like me. I didn't grow out of my jealousy until I went to college...where my parents started to spoil me and pamper me more when I go back hometown becoz they miss me. No kidding!

little prince's mummy said...

Such a lovely celebrations!~ Happy birthday cutie!

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