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Saturday, May 9, 2009

My collection



This is my latest collection – none other than the breast milk for Hao. I have been collecting the milk since Hao was one month old. During that time, Hao had been eating a lot and I had not started working yet, so I get to stock up quite a bit. After starting work, due to stress and pressure, my supply had dropped. Yet I still able to stock up some during weekend (Hao sleep through the night most of the time, so I pump out the extra in the morning after feeding Hao). 


For all the frozen milk, I labelled it with date and the serving size. I have 21 bottles in total – 15 9oz bottle, 2 5oz bottle and 4 4oz bottle. In order not to invest more in buying milk bottles and to save space, I bought the milk storage bag instead. Until today, I have used up one box of 125 liners (8oz size) and now using the second box.

When I go to work, I will give mixture of frozen and expressed BM to the caretaker. I tried not to keep the frozen milk for more than 2 months. As frozen milk does not taste as good as fresh and expressed BM, I have a fear that Hao may reject it after he turns 1 year old when he has exposed to more and more solid food. Right now, I’m trying very hard to clear as much frozen milk as possible, while he is still taking it. Moreover after starting him with the semi solids few months back, my supply has been dropping. I’m still expressing milk during office hour when I could not directly feed him. Therefore, the milk supply in the freezer is reducing slowly, under my control.

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Oliveoylz said...

Chee Yee, you have such a huge collection there :) Hao is very lucky to have such a loving mom who works yet finds the time to express milk for her darling. You are truly a supermom!!! Hats off to you. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! (have a great day)

Anonymous said...

OMG...*faint* so much BM! I dun think my supply could ever be like yours! *FAINT* kudos to you, Cheeyee, for being an excellent mum. There are not many mum in the world who are dedicated and have high endurance enough to breast feed their babies for so long! happy mum's day to you.

cheeyee said...

Oliveoylz, Cleffairy - Hehe pai seh pai seh. Not dare to say I'm a supermom or excellent mom. :)

Actually I just wanted to record this down, to show the kids when they grow up later. I did not manage to do so for Lynn (had not started blogging during that time) and regretted even no pic was taken to show her too.

With the experience on breastfeeding Lynn, I manage to do better this time and with less stress too. The collection here is 100% more than what I had for Lynn last time (the 21 bottles were enough for me at that time, no extra storage bags needed). And to maintain the supply, I cannot be lazy not to express milk. As the trick is - the more you empty it, the more milk will come. :)

As I need to work, I have very limited time for the kids. At least the best that I can do, is to give them the best milk in the world. I'm not the only mom who do so, both of you too. Thumbs up to both of you, and to all other moms who breastfeed, I salute all of you!

Kit76 said...

Where is supermom?

*points at cheeyee*
There, 21st century supermom.

Anonymous said...

LOL... I agree with you, Kit... she's a Supermom...

How's Hao and Lynn these days, Cheeyee? Are they doing well? These days the weather is terrible. Kids are throwing tantrum every day and driving me to the wall. *SIGH* I'm in need of anti-depressant. LOL...

You guys take care, k? All my love and kisses goes to Hao and cute Lynn. *MUAAACCKKKS*

ps: I'm adding you to my blogroll. I hope you don't mind.

little prince's mummy said...

Wow! Huge collections!~

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