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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Extended breastfeeding

This is my first experience in extended breastfeeding. Lynn was breastfed till she was 10 months old. Though the weaning was initiated by me, I was regretted after that as I missed the bonding moments. Now with Hao, I'm aiming to breastfeed him until he self wean. But I'm not sure how long I can supply without introducing the formula into his meal. My next target is 18 months. Hope to delay formula until he's at older age.

If you ask me any different breastfeeding a toddler compared with breastfeeding a baby? I would say no much, except shorter duration and less frequent. And whether Hao bite me when I nurse him? He did. But not anymore. Just have to teach him not to bite.

What is other family reactions to me still breastfeeding Hao? Well, they are just asking am I still breastfeeding him and that's all. :) And really glad no problem with the people from child care too. The teacher even encourage me when I wean Hao later, switch him to fresh milk instead of formula as fresh milk is better than formula.

I have readjusted his milk time after he has reached 1 years old. Now Hao is on 3 milk servings per day - first time right after he wakes up in the morning, one time in the afternoon around 3pm, and one time right before he goes to bed at night. He will take cereal in the morning tea time around 10am. Then porridge for lunch and dinner. When we are having our dinner, I will give him some of our food too, like rice, soup, fish etc. Whenever we are having food, for sure he will come over and ask for us. He likes cheese and bread, or anything that is soft. Since whenever we are eating, he will get some share too, I seldom need to nurse him outside of the house nowadays.

My favourite position is actually the lying down position. I love to see his facial expression while nursing him. Sometimes after he has stopped, he will look up at me. And when I smile to him, he will either smile back to me, or or give me a big laugh, made me feel so warm and melt my heart. I want to remember this feeling forever. This is the only thing that actually keep me continue nursing him till now, despite still have to express milk during lunch hour. It makes me feel so close to him, makes me feel I'm so important to him. Whenever me and hubby go to pick up the kids, both Lynn and Hao will shout loudly when they see us, as if they are so excited to see us. This is their way of welcoming us. And we are excited to see them too. Nothing is better than seeing a smiling and happy face from your children. :)


Broccoli Ginger said...

AGREE WITH YOU! I truly feel the way you're..:)

mumsgather said...

I breastfed my first for almost a year but she self weaned early because we had so many problems breastfeeding during the early days she was on mixed feeds. As for my second, he only learned to latch after 2 months but eventually he was breastfed till 3 years old. I love to recall the early days too, the special bonding moments and yes, you are so right that after a day or a few hours apart from your child and you see the happiness in their face when you go and pick them up, that is a wonderful moment each day. :)

Melodie said...

This is wonderful. I hope you do not feel too pressured to introduce formula. If a child is breastfeeding they don't need formula at all. Even after they turn one. I know that in some places they market formula milk very strongly, however, this is faulty advertising. Real milk and breast milk is all your child needs. Don't be swayed. You are doing great!!!

Alice Law said...

You are doing such a good job!!
I really miss the breastfeeding moment with Little Sprout, the warmest feeling I ever felt!
I can't wait to breastfeed Junior (My expecting child) after reading your post!

tim said...

mom will always be a mom! thank you mom for helping my self to survive.. breast feeding!

reanaclaire said...

Reading so many blogs about u all breastfeedng, it makes me miss that bonding when my kids were babies... i didnt breastfeed them, firstly,no one taught me and i tried it myself, pumping till i felt very painful and then i stopped.. i have no engorgement in my breasts, only slight pain when i was in hospital. now reading your posts and how your child smiles back at u, that is so warming....

cheeyee said...

Broccoli & Ginger Mommy - :D

mumsgather - Thanks for visiting. Yeah, nothing is happier than seeing own child smiling at you. :)

Melodie - Thanks for visiting. Feel less pressure to introduce the formula now since he's already 1 yo. But would like to delay it to later. :)

Alice - Thanks! Oh yes your turn soon. :)

Tim - Thanks for visiting. Mom always the best ya? :)

Claire - Ya, is the feeling that keep me "addicted" to b/feeding. :D

Mummy to QiQi said...

now i teach my boys to crawl up to me during nursing. this way, i can bf 2 at one go by lying down flat, hehe....

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