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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The soft side of him

Every night, I will wake up Lynn in the middle of the night to go toilet. If not, there is high chance that she will wet the bed. Last night, as usual, I woke up Lynn in the middle of the night. Lynn depends on her mood, sometimes she will make complain when I wake her up. And last night, I woke her up a bit later than usual. And she had wet the bed. So I get
her to go down to change the wet pain. We accidentally woke up Hao, who is a light sleeper. Hao was crying there, hoping me will go pick him up. But I was tired, and hoping that he will stop crying after a while and go back to sleep.

After 5-10 minutes, Hao was still crying there on his crib. Hubby got up, went to pick up the boy. He carried Hao to the window, explained to him that it was late at night and everyone was sleeping. After that, he took him for a tour of the house, telling him that everyone was sleeping. Since Hao had been crying for some time, Hubby thought Hao should be feeling thirsty. He gave him some water to drink, and pat him to sleep. I feel relief seeing Hao stopped crying after being picked up by hubby. I feel so warm seeing hubby went to attend the kids so that I can rest. Well, this is not the first time hubby has done so. But if I were the one pick up Hao, I would just bring him to our bed and nurse him to sleep, so that I can just lie down also. I don't think I will have such patient to take him tour around the house, some more thought of he maybe thirsty and get some water for him. :D

Normally when the kids make noise, if one of us getting out of patience, the other one will come "rescue", take over the role and be nice to the kids to stop them from making fuss. Doing so the kids won't feel being rejected by both of us. And the frustrated papa or mama get to breath some fresh air too. We never talk about this before nor have any discussion on this matter. But when things happen, we will automatic react in this way. Of course, there is occasion where both of us get annoyed and act strict to the kids too.

I feel gratitude that hubby did not leave the responsibilities of the kids solely to me. Without his help, I don't think I can handle between kids and housework during weekend. Not to mention I can have some personal time for myself.

My dear, thank you so much!


eugene said...

hey, i am happy that i am the first commentor here..

I salute you CheeYee for being such a great man and the praises must go to your other half..... the sharing and the understanding is so important when raising the children.

dont worry, Lynn will grow up fast, keep heart.

hey thank for being my blogger friend, sincerely appreciate it

reanaclaire said...

Eugene.. funny la..hahaa..always want to be first commentator..

cheeyee, next time give him a prize.. a wet pamper ..hahhaa.. since your girl wet the bed that night..
ok on serious note, i feel very happy reading about the responsibilities shared by both u and yr hubby.. so caring.. this is the way it is, both sharing and compromising... hope your lynn will outgrow her wetting on bed soon, it is indeed very frustrating to be awakened each night to pee... :))

BroccoliGinger said...

:)So sweet. I can feel your gratitude towards him.

cheeyee said...

Eugene - Thanks. I'm happy to be your blogger friend too. :)

Claire - LOL there is no wet pamper... because no pamper, that's y Lynn wet the bed. :P

Broccoli & Ginger mommy - :)

little prince's mummy said...

It's so important feels sweet for other half to understand our situations and give us handy help/rescue some of the time... :)

Anonymous said...

To Claire... Eugene abit kiasu... ahahaha... lmao... he wanna be the best daddy, best hubby, best friend, and first commentator... LMAO... (no offence, Eugene, I meant it in a good way)

To Cheeyee: *SIGH* If only I can get some personal time for myself...I get to handle the brat and the bloody endless cooking and housework 24/7. :-( And rarely get a break with both. I meant it when I say rare...I dun remember getting enuff rest for the past few years. Even when I dun feel well, I have to pretend that I'm fine. This year is the worst, especially after the fire, and I feel so, so tired.

I do not mind doing the bloody fact, I'll be glad to do it if I feel appreciated by the end of the day. Instead, it's all about living up to bitches and bastard's expectations. :-(

I want my life back.

ps: Next wik is my bday. Apart from my mum, my dad, my sis and some of my high school friends, I dun think other people will give a damn about it! Btw, I'm planning to send the brat for full day on my bday. I want a present for my bday this year: ONE day without housework, tantrums, and especially bloody in laws.I do deserve that, don't I, Cheeyee?

wenn said...

hi, it takes time to toilet train kids. I motivated my girl by saying, if u don't wet the bed for 10 times, I will get u something..well, it worked..

kenwooi said...

your husband is sweet.. i like the idea of going around the house explaining that everyone is asleep.. very thoughtful! =D

cheeyee said...

Little prince's mummy - Ya~ :)

Cleffairy - Of course you deserve it!

Wenn - Thanks for visiting. I do rewards Lynn... twice already for the past 1 month. :)

Kenwooi - Thanks for visiting. Ya very thoughtful hor. :)

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