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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Minnie Mouse Sticker Book

To reward Lynn for her great effort on staying dry at night, I have bought this Minnie Mouse Sticker book for her.


Lynn was so happy to get this from me. Within 15 minutes, she filled up the book with her favourite Mickey mouse and friends, and the Winnie Pooh and friends stickers.












She even wanted to hold the sticker book to sleep.

I’m glad she likes it so much. Hope this will continue motivate her to stay dry at night. Sometimes if she drinks more water or has her milk right before she sleeps, she tends to wet the bed if I did not manage to wake her up earlier to go to the toilet. Some people asking me won’t I feel stressful because whether Lynn is able to stay dry at night, very much depending on me able to wake her to go toilet before she wets the bed. I think it’s worth it. Since she’s the one requested not to wear diaper anymore, I don’t think I should force her to wear it. She just have to learn and I think this is a good chance. I have started telling her to go toilet before mama wake her up. Would like not to depend on me. At the same time I’m also marking down on the calendar when she stays dry at night, and when she wets her bed. She will get a star if she did not wet the bed for the night. Told her that if she can stay dry for at least 5 days a week, I will buy her a new sheet of sticker to her.


Kit76 said...

OMG! Its beautiful! I feel so bad now that I didn't take a better look at it! :(

Broccoli Ginger said...

:) Good! Sometimes I just can't wait to reward my son, cos can't wait to see the happiness on his face.:P Need to learn to be patience..

reanaclaire said...

girls sure loves stickers... but wonder whether it will last? my kids only hangat hangat ayam for a short while last time :)

Alice Law said...

Dear Chee Yee,

It's a nice sticker book, I feel like getting one for Little Sprout (She is a big fan of Mickey)!

Keep up your goodwork, I reckon it's a creative way to reward and encourage her by giving the star and stickers! Children just love gifts and rewards!

Goodjob mermy and Lynn!

Anonymous said...

LOL... so you finally found time to buy a sticker book for Lynn. LOL...sigh... if only my brat is as independent and as motivated as your little girl. I'm just so, very disappointed. So much effort put in... it did not only did not work... only to be destroyed by 'certain force' with mere minutes of talking... SIGH!

cheeyee said...

Kit - Yeah, next time better spend few minutes take a good look whatever things that she shows u. :D

Broccoli & Ginger mommy - Yeah, kids like to be rewarded. :)

Claire - Hmm Lynn so far still likes sticker very much since before she was even 1 yrs old.

Alice Law - Thanks!

Cleffairy - Hehe yeah and lucky me just need to go to one shop and able to get it. I think just be more patient with him and give him more time. Or maybe you need to change method? Anyway, take care ya. Hugs and kisses to Adrian.

Li Li said...

Oh wow... Stickers nowadays are so nice~ I have some collections here... Well... I dunno who to pass to since my cousins all are no longer interested with this thingy... So... Can i pass it to ur daughter? :P

Anonymous said...

I dun think I have anymore patience for all nonsense, you know? Especially when there are people who loves to comment and criticize and think that they are so damn smart when they actually knows nothing about me and the boy. These days, he picks more bad things than good! I feel like waving the white flag! Too tired to try anymore tricks and method when I know for sure that soon, whatever I do and taught the boy will be reversed indefinitely!

cheeyee said...

Cleffy - Hmmm you need a break. Don't be too hard on yourself.

Anonymous said...

Damn, now onli can connect. Omg, celcom broadband sux ler... yeah, ur rite. I nid a break, but nobody gives me one. SIGH. I tink even if I break a leg or neck, I still dun get a break. LOL...I nid my life back lerr...I'll kill to go back to form 5 for a day!

eugene said...

hi,Lynn will keep asking for more,so be prepared,,hahahaha. i am happy for you,i can tell from the post you wrote about Lynn,there was so much love in it.

take care now my friend, hope to hear from you soon,

remember dont take lynn out to shopping mall that frquent,ok and get her to drink a lot and a lot of fluid.

hey, thank for being my cyber friend, appreciate it

Oliveoylz said...

kids love rewards and stickers are a great way to motivate her! Lynn's doing very well staying dry. Way to go girl!

Wonderful Life said...

wow... clever girl, Lynn! *clap clap*

nice the sticker book.

little prince's mummy said...

I just bought mickey's sticker book for my son, too! haha!

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