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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cheeky papa

Last Thursday, while on the way home, I asked hb to stop by the Chinese shop near our house as I needed to buy milk for the kids. Lynn asked for lollipop. I did not want the kids to get down from the car to the shop with me as I wanted to make it quick, so I asked what lollipop she wants and I would buy for her. She was happy that I agreed to buy the lollipop and did not insist to come down with me. So three of them (hb, lynn and hao) were waiting for me in the car. This happened while I was inside the shop and hb told me about this the next day.

While waiting for me, Lynn saw there was a ride in front of the Chinese shop. Immediately she asked hb to take her for the ride. There was no parking space and hb stopped the car at the road side. So it was not possible to let the kids to have the ride.

Lynn: Papa, I want to sit that one. The kitty cat!
Papa: Er... why do you want to sit that one? The one that you are sitting now (referring to the car as all of them were sitting inside the car waiting for me) is better! It's bigger and can move. That kitty cat cannot move.

Obviously Lynn did not know how to answer papa. She asked for one more time and get no response from papa. Then a while later, she told hb "So sit this one is better-la, bigger and can move, that one just sit there shake shake shake and cannot move."

LOL LOL LOL! I wonder next time the same cheat still work on her or not. LOL LOL LOL!


cleffairy said...

Alamak... that sounded abit wrong to me. LOLOL!

reanaclaire said...

So easy to pacify.. hahaha,..

Alice Law said...

LOL... pity Lynn, can't get to sit on her kitty rides(since your papa so cheeky), nevermind lar... atleast she got her delicious lollipop!^-^

p/: The innocent of kids would cheer us up for life!:) have a lovely day!

Alice Phua said...

LOL, luckily she's taken in by her daddy's 'hujah'. Otherwise have to think of some more things to say to not let her have that kiddy ride. :-D

prince n princess mum said...

hahaaha :)

cheeyee said...

cleffairy - Hahahaha! Naughty papa hor. :)

Claire - Hahaha yeah out of our expectation too.

Alice Law - Hehehe! If they are not waiting inside the car, I think papa won't mind to let her sit. :)

Alice Phua - Hehehe. Another reason we have used is "papa and mama have no coin/money" in which it happen before. We run out of coins. Because it's not that we never take them for the ride, so they sort of understand that if we can do it, we will.

prince n princess mum - :D

Alice Law said...

Dear Chee Yee, answer to your questions:

With every registered My Kid/ My Card, you are entitled to borrow 3 books at one time. If you registered your whole family(just bring IC or My Kid upon registration), 4 person x 3, you can probably borrow 12 books per visit. Adult's card is also applicable on kids' library!

Every 3 weeks you will have to return the books, else you will be fined 10 cents per book/ day. You can probably renew your book if you left it at home, lol(that's what I always do)! You can renew a same book for 3 times...:)

Do check out the library website too! ( Have a great day!^-^

mNhL said...

hahaha......Lynn's is also correct. Shake shake shake only.

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