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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Lynn likes to wear clothes in matching set. If she chooses a green color top, she will choose a green color pants and green color panty too! Yes the inside one also she wants to be the same color. LOL! Not only that, she will also choose the same color series for Hao! Normally I will ask her to choose and take her own clothes. Usually she will choose and take for Hao's too. If we are going out, let say she chooses red for her, she will also take red t-shirt for her beloved didi!

Last weekend, she had chosen a white dress for herself. This girl of mine likes to wear dress. Then I took a white color Chinese style costume for Hao. My parents bought it when they went holiday in China. All 3 grandchildren got a set of it. It was getting smaller so I thought let Hao wears it while he still can fit into it. Seeing her didi was going to wear that, immediately she said "I want to wear that same one with didi! Mommy I want that also!" "You sure you don't want to wear this dress then?" Just want to assure she wanted to change her mind. "Yes, I want to wear that one, that one same with didi." "OK." So I put back the dress, and take out the same Chinese style costume for her. When we reached MIL house later, she was so happy to tell her grandma and uncle "See, me and didi same!"

Yesterday after picking up the kids from my parents' house, on the way back home, Lynn told me that she had given her blue color dress to her friend. I asked her why and she told me because her friend did not have the same dress so she wanted to give it to her. Lynn has the same dress in three different colors - blue, red and pink. I usually pack two sets of clothes for her in her bag and normally only one set is used. Another set is for back up just in case she may dirty her clothes. Her intention to give the blue dress to her friend was so that she and her friend can wear the same dress at school! After reaching home, I checked her bag. Yes the blue dress was not inside her bag. And the panty also not there (I packed two sets of clothes with two panties). I asked her why she gave her friend her panty also. She told me "Because she does not have the same panty also!" *FAINT* I'm not sure what will the mother of her friend will think and react. But I think maybe I should buy few new t-shirts of the same design for her and her friends. She has few good friends in her school that she always tells us about them.  

I did not scold her for giving away her dress to her friend. But I did tell her next time she should ask me about it first. Sometimes kids just like to give us some surprise. :)


smallkucing said...

*pengsan* lo....she is too generous la

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Chee Yee, that is a daughter to be proud of. She has a good heart, loving, caring for others.
Very hard to find such kids as most kids are showoffs or rather keep things to themselves.
You got a good kid there. Best there is.

Re the clothes colours, who else? But learned from her mom, ha ha.
Have fun, Lee.

Oliveoylz said...

It's so interesting to read about Lynn's latest colour co-ordinating phase! It tickles me to read that even "underwear" need to match! Better be prepared that she would want to match her handbags, hair accessories and shoes too!

Alice Law said...

LOL... she is defintiely a potential professional fashion designer!

Have a wonderful weekend!

mNhL said...

Lynn is so so generous!!!

Broccoli Ginger said...

Hahaha... she's so cute. :) I guess girls are more particular about clothings.. My girl doesn't want to wear her brother's t-shirt.. :P

prince n princess mum said...

Wah! Too generous!~

cheeyee said...

smallkucing - She just want her good friend to wear same dress as her lor.

Uncle Lee - Hahaha no no not me. I don't wear pink top with pink skirt or pink pant. LOL!

Olive - Since she started to choose what clothes to wear at around 2, she always choose the same color for everything. And oh yes, handbags, hair accessories and shoes, thanks for the "warning"! LOL!

Alice Law - LOL! She told me she wants to be a teacher. :D

mNhL - Hehe only to those that she likes. :)

Broccoli Ginger - Hahaha your gal so smart! Me on the other hand, have to tell my gal didi cannot wear dress! LOL!

prince n princess mum - Hahaha to those that she likes only.

Anonymous said...

*faint* she even give her panties away??! LOL! hheehehe.but yeah she is damn generous . lol

vialentino said... generous...wish my boy will be like dat...

cheeyee said...

goldflower - Hahaha funny hor.

vialentino - Hehe I'm sure your boy will be as generous as you too. ^^

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