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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kids' First Hike to Gasing Hill

 The 2 cheeky fellow!

2 weeks ago, we went to hike Gasing Hill. It was actually suggested by a friend who was running a Weight Loss Challenge, who wanted to organize some outdoor activities for the contestants to encourage them. It can consider as first hiking for the kids. We went to Sarawak 2 years ago and we went for something like jungle trek during that time. But Hao was just merely 1 years old so I was actually carried him on my sling throughout the whole journey. While Lynn was half walking and half being carried by hb during that time. But on that morning at Gasing Hill, both Lynn and Hao were actually walk with us all the way.

We woke up at 6am, I made an energy drink for all of us. I even bathed myself and the kids to minimize the chances of getting mosquito bite. We left the house at 7am to Gasing Hill. We met up with the others at the entrance. There were many people there. Roadside was full of cars parked by those that also went there for hiking. I remember it was not that popular when I went there few years back. But it always good to see that people are getting more health conscious nowadays.

The weather was good and the trail was not very wet. We took Trail 1. For parts that are too high for Hao as he is not very tall at the age of 3, hb would carry him. But most of the time he walked himself. After completing Trail 1, we rested for a while before continue Trail 2. The kids were enjoying themselves throughout the whole journey. Hao was running, skipping, and hopping around, enjoying the freedom. He even made the "Whoa" "Whoa" sounds, and "doi" "doi" when hopping down the steps. LOL! Other people who walked along the line with us, was commenting how can he be so energetic, shouting and running and jumping there while they have to stop talking to reserve the energy. Hahahaha! And guess what, after we finished hiking, the kids even went to play at the playground nearby! Yeah, they just have too much energy to spend! But as soon as they stepped into the car, both of them went to the La la land. LOL!

The kids requested to go Gasing Hill again last Sunday. So we went there again. And this time, we did not stopped after trail 1. We hiked all the way from the main entrance until we finished trail 2, and then took a slow walk back to where we parked the car near the entrance. I'm not too sure the distance of both trail 1 and 2, but the whole hiking (plus walking back to the car) will take slightly more than 1 hour if we did not take any long break. We are actually a little slow due to the kids. Gasing Hill is an easy place for hiking actually. You don't get very tired from it, and yet you get to sweat a lot. It's a good place for people just started to hike. From young children to old people, as long as you have a pair of good shoe that have good grip is sufficient. We have decided to make it every Sunday is the family exercise day, everyone get to exercise together. :) If the trail is wet due to rain, we will go jogging at the park. Me and hb like to exercise. And I feel happy that both kids like to exercise like us (I hope so)! 


Small Kucing said...

very good that the kids also follow both you and your hubi footsteps with love in hiking

Alice Law said...

Thx for sharing!

Your anak so pannai, can walk all the way up to the hill, mine especially Juan Juan sure complain kaki sakit alr, tummy egg lar, very tired lar... tsk tsk, lol!

Nxt time tapao picnic up there lagi shok!

Yee Ling said...

Last time i used to go hiking nearby my place. But i think the place is closed edy....probably due to security reason. miss hiking

prince n princess mum said...

Wah! Go hiking somemore, such a healthy exercise!~

Mummy to QiQi said...

both of you are setting good example to your kids :p

FiSh said...

your kids are so lucky :) i havent been to bukit gasing before in my entire life

cheeyee said...

Small kucing - No choice have to bring the kids along actually. :p

Alice Law - We picnic after finish hiking, not up there. Don't want to carry so many things. Hehehe.

Yee Ling - Come, let's hike together. :)

cheeyee said...

prince n princess mum - Yeah, since can't bring the kids to gym, have to think of something that everyone can do. :)

Mummy to QiQi - Hehe, thanks. :)

FiSh - Thanks for dropping by. Bukit Gasing is a very nice place, do go there if you have chance. :)

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