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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Losing her first baby teeth

*Back-dated post*

Date: Nov 3, 2011

Few days back, Lynn was complaining to me about her teeth "Mommy, my teeth is broken!". First thing that come to my mind was cavity. As this girl of mine does not like to brush her teeth. She would tell me she has brushed her teeth but in actual fact she did not. So I answered her right away "See, don't want to brush your teeth." But then when she told me her teeth was getting very loose, I was wondering is it time for her baby teeth started to drop?

I was not very sure of the age when the child would start to lose their baby teeth. So I Google it and found that, a child's baby teeth starts to loosen and fall out on their own to make room for permanent teeth at about age 6. And girls generally lose baby teeth earlier than do boys. Alright, so that explains what happen to Lynn and it's normal. Phew, not cavity! :D

I could not remember at what age my baby teeth started to fall out but I do remember for some of the baby teeth that were so "stubborn" to fall out, I had to get some help from my brother to get them out. We had tried tying thread to the loose tooth to door knob, then push the door to pull out the teeth; removed the loose tooth with a quick twist; and even using pliers when all other methods were not working! Alright back to Lynn, I told her not to play around with her loose tooth. I also gave her a small clean plastic bag to school, so if the tooth drop off she can put it inside the plastic bag and bring home for me.

2 days later, when I picked her up from school, she excitedly told me her tooth had fallen out. But as her friends requested her to show them her tooth, in the process of showing around, she lost the fallen tooth. I was kind of disappointed as I wanted to collect her baby teeth. But now it won't be complete anymore.

About a week later, I could see the new teeth is erupting. Told her she has to take good care of the permanent teeth as there would be no more new teeth after that. I hope she has a good set of teeth like me. *Keep my fingers crossed*

She was so excited about the teeth......


Small Kucing said...

wah so fast gowing teeth ka? I though must be like go to primary school baru will have new teeth

Alice Law said...

LOL! She looks excited of hvg a lost tooth,mayb she was excitingly waiting for her tooth fairy.

This development is certainly a must record, congratz Lynn!

Oliveoylz said...

Big gal edi! Her first permanent tooth is out! She certainly looks thrilled now that her first tooth had fallen out! A huge milestone indeed! *she has a cute little dimple*

Cynthia said...

oh.. big girl liao.. but a waste for unable to keep her tooth ya.

prince n princess mum said...

New teeth coming out soon..

Zooropa said...

Lynn is cute here :-) Yeah waiting new teeth growing is so exciting...!

Hertha Gearin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hertha Gearin said...

Lynn is so cute! She seemed happy to have lost her first-ever baby tooth. One down, 19 more to go. =)

Hertha Gearin

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