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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fighting for Mommy

As Hao grows older, he's becoming more and more attached to me. :D Nowadays, he likes to sit on my lap. Let's say I am eating and he comes over to ask food from me, usually I will ask him to sit down before giving him the food. I prefer the kids are not running around when eating, to distinguish eating time and playing time. Whenever I ask him to sit down, he will turn around and try to sit on my lap. After he has sat down on my lap, he will lean his back to my body, enjoying himself. :D When Lynn saw this, she will come over, trying to squeeze herself, on my lap too! Hahahaha! So I will have Hao on the left and Lynn on right. :D

Usually when I was using my pc, Hao will play with Lynn on the same room with me. Sometimes when Hao get bored of playing and wants to have my attention, he will come near me, standing next to my chair and asking me to pick him up. Before I manage to pick up Hao, Lynn will come over and ask for some attention from me too! Sometimes she may try to find more space to get closer to me, and thus squeezing Hao and Hao will complain about it! Hahahaha! And if I pick up Hao, and put him sitting on my lap. Lynn will try to climb up the chair and sit on my lap too! :D Similarly, if Lynn was the one next to my chair and I was talking to her, Hao will come over and try to ask for my attention too!

Am I enjoying this? Indeed. Do I sound evil? Hehehe.. Just trying to enjoy being the center of attention from the children. Who knows, when will be the day where they no longer fight for me. :P


Anonymous said...

LOL... I'm first... hehehhe... cannot sleep, so come here for a while. :-D I'm glad that you enjoy being in the center of their attention. This kind of attention is ok... frankly speaking, sometimes, i feel that my boy is not giving me even a tiny space for myself. Bad mummy I am. Always feel that I need space for myself.

Broccoli Ginger said...

hahaha.. feel good isn't it? :) just enjoy!

little prince's mummy said...

Hahahahahah~~ Fighting for mummy ya~~~~ :)

cheeyee said...

Cleffairy - Hehe, ya sometimes too sticky to me I also feel need some space for myself. But what to do, they are still so young. :)

Broccoli & Ginger's Mummy - Yaya, enjoy very much! Feel like I'm their idol. :D

Little Prince's Mummy - Hehehe, your turn very soon. :)

Alice Law said...

My future turns gloomy when I start reading your post, I actually persume the rivalry situation would turn better after they grow older.
But heading towards the end of the post, I was enlightened! Yeah, I can actually perceive a positive mind like you, I should ENJOY the rivalry atmosphere when they still need me!!!! Thanks!

smallkucing said...


cheeyee said...

Alice - No need worry too much about sibling rivalry. This is normal and it's not really that bad. The kids have to learn to accept each other. So it's very much depend on the adults how to handle it. And yes sometimes it does give us some headache too. Good luck to you. :)

Smallkucing - :)

reanaclaire said...

yes, these are all precious moments, Chee Yee... now u see me.. my girl in the room, i m outside the room.. both of us on our pc separately.. sigh.. this is life! both of us in our own world... :)

Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

Beautiful blog! I found you through the Mom Blogs-- hope you don't mind if I follow along.

I see you've been nursing your son for 16 months-- you go, girl! I've been nursing going on 14 months, and I love reading about other moms who have been going even longer... gives me inspiration!

cheeyee said...

Claire - Ya, must treasure the precious moments now. Later got bf/gf already don't want mama anymore. Lol

Confessions of a working mom - Thanks for visiting. Nice to meet another breastfeeding mama. :)

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