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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our weekly dinner venue and menu

After turning three, Lynn remembers what she has eaten and she will tell us what she wants to eat. Noodle, rice, the pao etc. She may not know the exact food name but we know what she is asking. "Mama I want to go there. I want to eat there. That one. That one" *Pointing at the Mamak restaurant when we drive pass the restaurant.* "I want to eat fish." Alright, she wants to eat the Roti sardin.

I used to order Roti banana or Roti telur for her. Banana and egg are her favorite. But after her papa has given her Roti Sardin, she started asking for it almost every week. So now our dinner venue every Thu will be mamak, with Roti sardin as our dinner menu. And her favorite drink? The so-called Pink color drink by her - syrup bandung. :) Since 2 weeks back, Lynn started to ask for ice cream during dinner. So added one more item to her dinner menu - ice cream. She will share it with Hao. As for Hao, he will take whatever we give him.

The people working at the mamak, are very friendly. Maybe they see our faces every week, they like to play with Lynn and Hao whenever they saw them. When they walk past, they like to touch them, play with them. When we make payment, they normally will treat the kids with some sweets, which also another reason why Lynn likes to eat there. At one time, it was raining heavily while we were halfway eating. We had no umbrella with us. One of the people from the shop like can read our mind, lend us an umbrella, without us asking for it.

Besides the friendliness, the food taste good and reasonable price, make us a regular customer there. One time we tried another mamak restaurant over the other end of the shop lot, the quality is terrible. For the same amount that we are paying, I can see only one thin layer of the sardin fish in their roti sardin which I can hardly taste it, not to mention the small serving size. Hubby ordered maggie goreng, where the noodle was tough, not being cooked long enough. Just that one time only, we never go back that mamak restaurant again. We go back to our usual eating place. :)


little prince's mummy said...

I long time no go eat in mamak....

cheeyee said...

Little prince's mummy - Oh, this is because not too much choices available to us. We used to dine outside for 5days. Going to mamak so that we don't need to have chinese food for all 5 days. :)

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