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Monday, October 19, 2009

Little MJ Fans

Few months back when Michael Jackson passed away, my mom brought some MJ DVDs back home and she gave one to me. So back to my own home, we had played it once. And since then, it's almost like a weekly event to watch MJ concert at home. Almost every weekend, Lynn will ask us to play the MJ DVD for her.

Lynn: Papa, I want to watch the aunty singing.
LOL She thought MJ is an aunty, simply because MJ's hair was about shoulder length and he tied it up during the concert!

Papa: That one is not aunty. He's an uncle.
OK, so papa turned on the TV and played the MJ DVD.

Lynn: Papa, you see the uncle is wearing diaper also!
LMAO in that concert, MJ was wearing a gold color bodysuit, with a short jacket on top of it and a pair of black pants. So at first glance, he looked like "Superman" style - wearing the panty outside. Only in the next song where he had removed his jacket, then only I realized he's wearing a bodysuit. :)


I was preparing meal at the kitchen behind and Lynn was watching MJ concert at the living room. Hao watched for a while and then he came to the kitchen to look for me. I put him sitting on a kids stool watching me preparing the food. After a while, I heard MJ was singing one of his signature songs - Black and White. And shortly after that, I saw Hao got up from the stool, and move towards the living room, and watched MJ singing Black and White! Even a one year old kid is attracted by him! Hahahaha!

So now you know why I don't need Astro anymore as just one MJ Concert DVD is enough. :)


little prince's mummy said...

Hahahahaha... watch aunty singing!~ Well, his songs are lagendaris great anyhow!

eugene said...

She's bad, she's bad, who's bad? Lyn, uncle eugene is angry now, my idol MJ was not an aunty ok? hahahahahah.

You know the little ones are so pure and innocent,,, keep them happy

Mummy to QiQi said...

haha...tell u, qiqi keeps thinking that Mj is a lady too.

cheeyee said...

Little Prince's Mummy - Ya ya, he's a great singer!

Eugene - Hahaha! Yes kids are pure and innocent. :D

Chin Nee - Really? :D

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