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Friday, October 30, 2009

Hitting the Big 10

Hao was born quite big size - 3.67kg, exactly 1kg more than his sister Lynn. He gained 1.4kg within the first month. So when Hao full moon, he was 5.1kg. When I brought him to hospital for check-up, people kept on asking me - was Hao a 3 months old baby? Hao continued to gain >1kg for the 2nd month. During 2nd month, Hao got fractured femur and was admitted to the hospital for the first time. And subsequently I sent him to a different babysitter, as Lynn's babysitter was unable to take care of him. After that, Hao no longer gained 1kg in a month. In fact, he gained about 200-300g in a month only. At first, he was on the 90th percentile. We were thinking he's on the big size and worry if he might become over weight if he continues to gain >1lg in a month. But then later when his weight was not increasing much, I started to worry about his growth as Lynn got a steady 1 month 1kg when she was a baby. Both are fully breast fed. When breastfeeding Hao, I even cooked soup everyday for myself so make sure my body is strong enough to produce good quality bm for the baby.

After few months of unsatisfactory weight gained on Hao, I asked the paed what I can do during one of the check-up appointment. The paed first asked about Hao's diet, she then recommended me to replace one milk serving with semi-solid food. And on top of that, give him those food with higher fat, like butter, cheese, olive oil. Very interesting thing is Hao was weight 8.8kg and height 77cm at 1 year old, exactly same as Lynn! But don't forget Lynn was born 1kg less than Hao.

Soon after Hao turned 1 year old, I replaced his 2nd morning milk with baby cereal (previously I used to give him baby cereal during weekend at home, but not for weekdays. So now extended to weekdays): -

7am Morning milk at home, from mama ^_^
10am Baby cereal
1pm Porridge
3pm EBM
5pm Porridge
8pm Some rice and food, from our dinner
10pm Last feeding of milk, from mama ^_^

7am Morning milk at home, from mama ^_^
10am Bread with butter and cheese, and some biscuit
12pm Baby cereal
3pm Another milk from mama before taking afternoon nap ^_^
6pm Porridge
8pm Some rice and food, from our dinner
10pm Last feeding of milk, from mama ^_^

After 4 months, we noticed his face become rounder and heavier when I carry him (alright, must remind myself to post some recent photo of him. :D) Yesterday Hao was having some fever, so I took him to the doctor and managed to weight him. He has gained about 1.4kg and finally hitting 10.2kg at 16th month. Not sure if this is a good weight gain (I hope so) but as long as his weight is increasing I feel happy and relief. :)


little prince's mummy said...
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Dora said...

Big boy! As long as he is playing actively & going through the daily routine then there should be no worry I guess...

Broccoli Ginger said...

good gain! :)

cheeyee said...

Dora - Ya I guess so.

Broccoli and Ginger's mummy - Thanks. :)

Oliveoylz said...

He's got the best start in life...still taking mummy's milk...What a big sacrifice from mummy. CY, good to hear his weight is increasing steadily...

cheeyee said...

Olive - Thx. Still trying my best to bf him, as long as he still wants it. Struggling with the milk supply which seems keep on dropping.

Oliveoylz said...

CY, lots of soup and milo+milk sure with positive thinking and as long as the demand is there...the supply will continue...

cheeyee said...

Olive - Stress.... I suppose is one of the main killer here. :(

reanaclaire said...

this mama is feeding baby well.. so the signs are showing.. :)

Anonymous said...

*sigh* I wish feeding a 3-4yo is as easy as feeding a baby!

cheeyee said...

Claire - Thanks. :)

Cleffairy - Haha I wish too... Lynn is so picky nowadays. Wish she were like Hao - eat whatever I give. :)

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