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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Adjusting to New Schedule

I know I have been very quiet for these 2 months. Not only I write less, I also blog hopping less. One of the reason is I don't get to access internet outside my home. Another reason is the change in our schedule.

Last month, hb has changed job to work in new company. For the first time after 9 years, we are not working at the same place. So no more going to work together using same car, no more doing crochet at the car on the way to work, no more resting or reading in the car whenever there is traffic jam, no more having lunch together too. It is totally a new schedule for all of us, including the children.

Since the workplace is farther, hb has to wake up much earlier than before. Kids also have to wake up early as hb will be sending them to school on the way to work. At first, I was worried if the kids will get sleepy in the school. However I received a very positive feedback from Lynn's teacher. Lynn is a slow person in the morning. She needs longer time to "warm up" after waking up. So waking up earlier means by the time the class started, she will be fully awake and become active. :) Since they need to wake up early, I'm trying my best sending them to bed as early as possible at night. Depends on the time we reach home, the kids may go to bed as early as 9pm, or latest by 10.30pm. And they have to wake up before 7am. Mon to Wed, there is no change for us. My parents will go pick up the kids and we will have dinner at my parents' house. Thursday and Friday me will go pick up the kids and then I will take them for dinner near our house.

After hb started new job, we hardly have dinner together during working days. He works much longer hours in this job. He always come home late and has dinner by himself before coming home. Sometimes he even reaches home after 12am. So now left I pick up the kids myself. Whenever I go pick up the kids, for sure they will ask me where is papa. They are so used to both of us go pick them up together. But now they are used to papa always working late. Instead of asking me where is papa, they will say is papa still working? So most of the time when we are at home, I'm alone with the kids. Not only kids, I'm seeing hb much less nowadays too. Sometimes when he reaches home, I am so tired that I want to sleep. I started missing having lunch together, I miss the time we can chit chat in the car on the way to work and back home. I'm sure the kids miss their papa come pick them up from school too. Because every time when I go picks them up, first thing they ask me is where papa is. And I feel bad that every time I have to tell them papa is working late today. And they don't understand why last time papa doesn't have to work till so late and now has to.

In the past, we hardly call each other as we don't need to. However now, every night I will call him once for the kids to say good night with him. Other time I will sms or skype with him. In the past, we see each other almost 24 hours everyday. Now, sometimes we just manage to see other less than 1 hour in a day excluding the sleeping time. Many times after he comes home, he go to bed right away. If he's not that tired, he will tell me about his work during the day. Sometimes he needs to work during weekend too.

As for myself, temporary I'm helping my friend to prepare the financial statements for her company. The only challenge is I have to use MS Excel to do the bookkeeping manually. It is tedious and very high human error. Anyway, this is just temporary. My schedule will still change. Hopefully I get to settle down soon. And be more active at blogging again.


Small Kucing said...

people say absence makes the heart grow fonder :D

Yee Ling said...

I have been with this kind of life for almost 7 years...i wish there is some changes...LOL!!!

Oliveoylz said...

Don't're at the adjusting stage...Given time, you and your kids will adapt to the new schedule and reap the benefits of this new lifestyle.

reanaclaire said...

Family life is like that.. every now and then, our schedules change.. so it needs adjustment..

Cynthia said...

while me working on to better earnings, I am sure you can get better in adjusting this matter.. together we gambateh!

Alice Law said...

New schedule, new life and new challenges... all the best!

I can imagine how u and your kids feel since we too, always stay apart with our big boss! It never been easy... even though time will help us to accommodate!:)

Broccoli Ginger said...

hmmm.... need times to adjust.. Life is all about changes.. Hope you guys cope it well. :) Have a nice day!

cleffairy said...

Hope things will get better. Lynnn and Hao is smart. I'm sure they will understand. :D

prince n princess mum said...

Hopefully u're adjusting well by now... :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Chee Yee, happy mother's day.
Best regards.

cheeyee said...

Small Kucing - Yes, but I also hope the heart will not cool down after 1, 2 years later.

Yee Ling - 7 years..... oh no I better be prepared for it too! LOL!

Olive - I think the kids are more or less adjusted to the new schedule.

Claire - Yeah you are right. :)

cheeyee said...

Cynthia - Yes gambatte!!

Alice Law - It never been easy being a mom hor, especially we have to take care the kids by ourselves at home.

Broccoli Ginger - Thanks! I'm still learning to cope. :)

cheeyee said...

Cleffairy - Understand or not I don't know la. But as long as their relationship with their papa is not affected due to seeing him much less I'm happy already.

prince n princess mum - Still adjusting... hahaha.

Uncle Lee - Thanks!

mNhL said...

All the best to your hubby new job and to you too...being alone with the kids at home is quite tough too ya. Have to do everything on your own.

Din know you are working together with hubby in the same company ?

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