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Monday, May 9, 2011

Sumptuous Mother's Day Lunch at T.G.I. Friday's

I think this is probably the most expensive Mother's Day lunch that we ever have. :) I was craving for western food and thus we decided to go to TGIF for the celebration. Since there were 3 mothers altogether (my mom, my SIL and me) so I guess the 3-in-1 celebration make it worth it? LOL! Unfortunately there was no kids eating for free on that day due to their Mother's Day promotion.

We went to the Friday's in Sunway Pyramid. We did not have much problem trying to get a parking but not my brother. So me and hb waited 1 hour for them in the restaurant, choosing what do we want to eat slowly! LOL!

As usual, Lynn wanted to sit with me but I said, the chair next to me was reserved for my mommy! It's Mother's Day! :D

Me and my mom, with the kids. The kids refused to leave both of us taking picture alone.... Hahahaha!

My mom and my SIL both were having this Ultimade Mudslide (A chocolate-laced avalanche of Kahlua, vodka, Baileys Irish Cream and ice cream). It tastes heavenly!

My mom had this Tennessee Glazed Ribs, one of the signature dishes from Friday's. The meat was well marinated and it was simply delicious! Imagine my mom seldom eat beef and yet she was commented the meat was so good.

My dad had this Garlic Marinated Grilled Lamb Chops. The meat was perfectly grilled, don't have those "lamb" smell. :)

My brother had this Tennessee New York Strip and Shrimp. There were 6 shrimps so he gave each of us one. The shrimp was very fresh! And I love the Tennessee sauce. :)

My SIL had this Sizzling Chicken and Shrimp. Did not get to taste it and I was also sit quite far apart from her. So not sure good or not, but definitely not to my liking as I don't eat cheese. :)

Hb was not feeling so well. So instead of ordering steak, he ordered the Chicken Caesar Salad and the Spaghetti Marinara from the kids menu. The salad was good, both Lynn and Hao kept on asking for more until hb was complaining not enough. LOL!

This is what I was having - New York Strip with some pesto sauce. Nothing too great about it. I like the generous amount of the beans but I wish there was more pesto sauce on the steak. I think next time I should just order the Tennessee steak since I like the sauce. :)

These are what we have ordered for the kids - Grilled Cheese on White Bread and Chicken Fingers for Lynn and Hao, and Fajitas for my niece. The grilled cheese tasted very good, same for the chicken fingers. The meat was very tender, just right for the kids. I like the mayonnaise sauce. It goes very well with the chicken and the fries.

I wanted to order some desserts but everyone was very full and could not fit in more food. :) Anyway we had a good time there. Everyone enjoying the food although it burns a big hole on our wallet. Hehe. :)


Broccoli Ginger said...

I am hungry. But I still come here.. :P haha.. what to do can't resist to see what are the foods... :) Hao is looking so much like you now... Hmm.. i am going to get some food....Happy Mother's Day to you!

Zooropa said...

All the dishes shown here look great! Happy Mother's Day to the mommies :-)


mNhL said...

All the food look so delicious. Loves Fridays...and their serving very generous.

Alice Law said...

Yalor, TGI's food portion is quite big, sometime we just hv to order 1 meal and share between 2 persons!

Kids can't eat for free on Mother's day?!! Mother day promotion kar... thn I suppose all the mothers got to eat for free?!!( LOL, just kidding)

Such a nice meal, it worth it since you all manage to put a beautiful smile on your mom! ;D

Small Kucing said...

cham...hungry jor. Going to gila lembu mode again lo

Cynthia said...

nice lunch and celebration.. actually weekend to shopping malls sometimes also headache due to the parking space.. Just last Friday, my boss has to wait 2 hours in the car to find parking in MV around lunch hour...

Oliveoylz said...

I wanna try the Tennessee Glazed Ribs next time, from your recommendation:) That's a very nice picture of your kids, mom and yourself. Your mom looks young!

prince n princess mum said...

Wonderful celebrations!~

Yee Ling said...

Their food potion is very huge..Sometimes i damn kiasu, i ordered one main course, 2 free kiddies meal and one refillable drink...LOL!!

アンゼエリン said...

TGI FRIDAY...It has been a long time i didn't went there for meal. Hey, ur mum look very young. Still a leng lui. Happy belated mother's day to you n ur mum.

Just blog hoping...Angeline

cleffairy said...

Bwhahahahahah... I am like Ling. Damn kiasu... got no cure for it. One main course, 2 kiddy meals and one drink. ROFLOL.

cheeyee said...

Broccoli Ginger - Hehe you think Hao looks like me? Some people said the other round. :)

Dora - Yup all dishes are yummy! :)

mNhL - Yes their serving very generous. :)

Alice Law - Hahaha how I wish the mothers got to eat for free!

cheeyee said...

Small Kucing - Hehe jom next round we go makan western food. :)

Cynthia - Lunch time is not a good time to go MV during weekdays...... to me Sunway parking is not that bad. At least better than MV.

Olive - Yeah people always say my mom more looks like my sister, than being as my mom. LOL!

cheeyee said...

prince n princess mum - Yes it is. :)

Yee Ling & Cleffairy - One refillable drink for all 3 people? I will feel damn paiseh. >.<

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