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Friday, May 27, 2011

"I'm five!"

May is a busy month for me. First we have Mother's Day celebration, with mother from both side of the family. Then we have Lynn's birthday, our wedding anniversary and my niece's birthday too.

For the past 4 years, we celebrated Lynn's birthday with family members from both side. For her 1 year old birthday, we held a party at our house inviting families and friends coming over. For her 2 years old birthday, we had birthday celebrations separately - one day with family members from my side, and the next day with family members from hb side. Lynn was so happy she got to blow the candle and cut the cake twice! For her 3 years old birthday, we held a small party at Pizza Hut, inviting only close family members from both side, about 11 of us excluding the children. Last year, we celebrated her birthday at a restaurant serving western food nearby our house. This year, initially we wanted to have separate celebration with our family members, during our regular weekly meet up. However last minute I got a SMS from my MIL canceling the weekly meeting. So I took the chance to have a day out for only 4 of us. And I'm glad that hb did not reject the idea as he just got back from a business trip at 2am that morning.

First we went to BookXcess. Because this kiasu mommy here could not resist the RM3.90 coloring and sticker books that were being offered during that time. Hehehe.

These are my loot! Hehehe. The paper quality is slightly thin but I can't resist the nice pictures. 16 pages per book and 2 full pages of stickers. The stickers are of same picture with the coloring pages. So if they want the kids can follow the color of the sticker to do their coloring. I get Lynn to give one coloring book to my niece.

Lynn requested me to get this princess book for her, so I bought it for her birthday present. :) It is hardcover with very good paper quality, big fonts and colorful pages. There are stickers at the end of the book too. She loves this book very much. Since then I have been reading the princess stories for her every night.

After we left BookXcess, we went to Critterland. We had fun 2 hours inside.

And the kids just love to bury themselves inside the pool of balls! LOL! We had so much fun that day!

On Sunday, my mom asked us go over for dinner. I thought just a normal family dinner cooked by my mom. I did not expect she went to order so many food to celebrate Lynn's birthday. Thank you mom!

Mee hoon cooked in Thai style. My mom was craving for this. This much costs RM20. It is very tasty and appetizing!

Yam cake and Pumpkin cake. RM1 for each piece. There were 10 each so total RM20. I found the yam cake a bit salty but the pumpkin cake taste good. And fried meehoon for the kids. My mom ordered for RM5 only but she gave us this much!

Fried chicken and stir fry vegetables by my mom. The fried chicken was the kids' favorite! Yum yum! ^_^

Ang Ku in green and red. RM0.80 each. A litle pricey for such a small size.

Chinese dumpling. RM0.80 each.

Lynn chose this cake herself - heart shape chocolate ice cream cake. I forgot to take the picture after cutting it. There was a thick layer of ice cream inside, just a thin layer of cake as the base.

 My favorite pic of Lynn for the day! :D

So now Lynn is officially five years old now. She can be very sweet like an angel, but she also can be very evil too. Lynn is a rebellious child since she was a baby. So it is a challenge for me to deal with her on the behavior modification strategies. Nonetheless, I feel blessed that she did help me a lot when come to taking care of Hao. Lynn is a happy child. I wish she stays happy and healthy always! 


Broccoli Ginger said...

Happy Birthday Lynn! ;) The food looks so yummy!!!!!

mNhL said...

Happy Birthday happy celebrating for almost the whole day !

The RM5 fried mee hoon really a lot! haha

Small Kucing said...

wow!!!! Bestnya!

cleffairy said...

OMG... so much food... shud have tapau some for me. >.< Neway, happy 5 year old, lynn. :D

Zooropa said...

Happy Belated Birthday to the BIG BIG GIRL Lynn! Love all those food ^.^


uhooi said...

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Yee Ling said...

Happy Birthday to Lynn....

Wow...look at the food. Drool.i love angkoo kuih!!

cheeyee said...

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! :D

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