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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Falling in love again

"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person" - Mignon McLoughlin

I learn about this few weeks ago on a friend's wedding.

I think if I come across it 6 years ago, I won't be able to understand it. I thought I was mature at that time but apparently I was not.

I made mistakes.
I was in pain.
I learn my mistakes.
I paid expensive price for it.
I finally got my lessons learn.
And I changed, as I don't believe in changing others.

I believe - Whatever happened to me, there must be some reasons for it to happen. I may not know the reasons now, but I for sure will learn about it when the time is right.

It's this belief that keeps me moving on one after another challenge that I have been facing.

I also started to think more and more, especially after finish reading a book. Sometimes even a simple romance story also can teach me about forgiving.

 My dear husband,

Thank you for trusting me and having faith on me.

I always amazed by how we feel connected, how we can chat for hours, how we always want to order the same food.

I feel blessed that we are on the same side when come to parenting.

The only regret that I have is unable to love wholeheartedly the other person that you love too, no matter how hard I try.  

Thanks for giving me full freedom to do things that I want to do.

Thanks for never complain I do not really put much effort on the household chores.

Although we hardly celebrate any anniversary or birthday, not to mention receiving gifts from you on those days; however whatever that I asked from you, you always happy to fulfill  my request regardless the price.

Most important is I feel appreciated.

I love you. 

Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary. ^_^


Broccoli Ginger said...

so touching.
For me, I think it is enough for someone to appreciate what we've done for them.
Although I do not know what painful experiences you have. But it will be over. Try to practice forgive and forget. Let it be the past and move on the life you wanted it to be. Nothing is permanent, appreciate your loved ones and make yourself happy. A happy person leads a happy family and this also makes the world a better place.
Don't blame others and when things going not the way we want, just like what you said, change ourself. Change your thoughts. You'll be amazed by the results. Everything is just an illusion on how we think.
And yes, for whatever happened, there MUST be some reasons. If you believe in karma, you won't be blaming others.
I had a painful experience few years back too. And I learnt a lot too. After dwelling more into Buddhism, I understand why it happened. I used to blame others. But for all the reasons, I was the one who made it, caused it to happen. So, I learn to be a better person. Aware of what I am doing in everyday life. Correcting myself. Stop doing what I should not be. Then things become better.. May you be happy. :)

prince n princess mum said...

You're absolutely correct, changing yourself is much more easier than expecting others to change....
Happy anniversary!~

cleffairy said...

Happy anniversary....God have a very strange way in teaching us.... so I too, believe whatever had happened is meant to make us grow stronger and whatever that had happened, is a blessing in disguise. =D Happy anniversary to you and Kit. :D

ps: Same date as my hubby's bday! LOL~

Small Kucing said...

Happy Anniversary :D

Daddy said...

Hei...Happy Anniversary ....:)

Oliveoylz said...

This dedication to your hubs is soooo sweet! Straight from the heart:) Happy for you that you've found your soulmate...somebody special who can share your ups and downs every single day. Many, many more happy anniversaries to the lovely couple!

Kit76 said...

Wow. The dedication really made my eyes wet.

The unforgettable parts for me were... well... I'm just glad to have you as a part of my life. I'm grateful that you persevered despite all the pain. I especially remember, with a little feeling of amusement that although we were the architect of each other's pain we were also each other's strongest ally when we explored getting help.

Mutual unconditional love. Every day. is truly wonderful.

Guys... I've found my "Happily ever after."

Alice Law said...

"The difficulty with married life is that we fall in love with a personality, but must live with a character..", hey friend, bet you hv more characters frm different person(ahem) to live with and you sailed through it! Wohoo~! Congratulation!

Wishing you a memorable and beautiful Anniversary!^^

p/s: Those up there are solid gold dedication for your hubby, so warm and touching!

Yee Ling said...

Happy Anniversary!!

It's so meaningful and touching message you dedicated to your hub. If me, dont think can come out with any words...**bad wife**

Zooropa said...

Happy 6th Anniversary to you & your hubby! I enjoy reading the whole thing & I'm sure the same goes to your hubby :-)


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Chee Yee, congratulations. Wishing you lots of sunshine and happiness and laughter always.
Best regards.

cheeyee said...

Broccoli Ginger - Whatever happen is already over. It is just my flash back of what has happened to me. Whatever that you said, I have done all of them. And I'm very happy now.

prince n princess mum - I never believe in changing people. The change has to come from themselves.

cleffairy - Yup, it makes us grow stonger. But the process is very painful. >.<

small kucing, daddy - Thanks!

cheeyee said...

Olive - Thank you! Yeah it is so good to have someone that I can share the ups and downs with, and will never judge me.

Kit - "Mutual unconditional love". I love this. :)

Alice Law - "The difficulty with married life is that we fall in love with a personality, but must live with a character..". You are so right! And thanks for the wishes!

cheeyee said...

Yee Ling - Thanks! Haha don't have to think, just say from your heart. :)

Dora - Thanks! And yes he enjoys reading it very much. :)

Uncle Lee - Thanks for your wishes. :)

Lisa Ladrido said...

I was up all night crying as I slept on the couch. We have been having so many problems and feeling unloved has been one of them. I just decided to write down all that I was thankful for and emailed it to him. So we shall see what that does today. Thank you so much for this post. I was so sad all day now I am hopeful. Despite the troubles, there is always something that we can be thankful for and we should start letting them know! Following you from VoiceBoks!~Lisa

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cheeyee said...

Lisa - Thanks for visiting. I hope you are feeling better.

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