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Monday, January 4, 2010

Another new year

It's the beginning of another new year. This year, I did not do any planning or any new year resolution. Why? Hmm just don't feel like doing one. Just want to let things be natural. Just feel like want to do whatever I feel like doing at that time. Noticed myself is becoming more and more emotional lately. I'm used to be less emotional. Alright, cheer up! Love this picture. He never fail to make me smile just by looking at his photo. :)

Hao is 18 months now. Can walk very well and steady. Likes to eat a lot. Never fail to ask for food, especially from Lynn and me, whenever we are eating. Cheeky too. Started to get interest in playing water. Whenever I'm washing the dishes, he will take a stool and place it next to the basin, and step on it to watch me do the washing. This morning, he climbed up the stool in the bathroom and watched me brush my teeth. :D He started getting very jealous with Lynn too (siblings rivalry - another big challenge here) and become more possessive to the toys that he is holding. If Lynn asks him to hand over the toy, he will refuse (even though he is holding two on his hands) and make noise to complain about it. Like to stick to me a lot. If I'm sitting in front of the PC, he would want to sit on my lap. If I refused he will cry. He does not speak too much words yet, mostly single word (except papa, mama, mom-mom, nen nen, hello) but we overheard he said "thank" (instead of thank you), jie (instead of jie jie) and try to imitate the words that we said. He know what he wants and if he does not want it he will shake his head. Know there are food in the fridge and will stand in front pointing it asking me to open the fridge for him for food. :D Well half year more terrible 2 will start to kick in so I try to enjoy as much fun with him as possible. :)


smallkucing said...

Cheers! enjoy the lovely year before he goes of to college and uni :p

Hey! Happy New Year to you!

Broccoli Ginger said...

haha.. hao is cute! love his cheeks..:) i think he looks like u. :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Chee Yee, happy new year and the very best of 2010.
Your kid has a lovely smile, cheeky too.
Having a kid at this age better than watching TV, ha ha.
You have a great new year, stay young and keep well, Lee.

Alice Law said...

Hi! Kinda curious about this statement "Well half year more terrible 2 will start to kick in so I try to enjoy as much fun with him as possible.", sound like you are preggy.

Btw, nice picture! If you posted it on the megazine it might have won something!

cheeyee said...

smallkuching - Hao is just 18months now. College and uni sounds VERY far away to me! LOL

Broccoli and Ginger mommy - You think Hao looks like me? I think so too. :)

Uncle Lee - Happy New Year to you too. Will visit you soon. :)

Alice Law - Hahaha I'm not preggy and not planning for 3rd one. :p Just that half more year Hao will turn 2yo, which is the "Terrible 2" time. So he will be getting not so cute by then coz he will become naughty and u will feel like want to strangulate him than thinking he's cute. LOL

Thx for the compliments about the pic. :)

Anonymous said...

Jeng jeng jeng! Your nightmares begins... lol... aiyohh, i dun mean to sound bad la... but it'll take awhile til the terrible two phase is done and over with!

Dora said...

Hao is cute in this pix! It's funny to see kids imitating adults thru conversation!

Anonymous said...

Weiiiii... no more entries? U seems busy... take care, Cheeyee.

Olive said...

Happy New Year Chee Yee and family!! Hao is sooo cute! Looks like he's making the peace sign???

cheeyee said...

Cleffairy - Haha yeah, it takes a while for the terrible 2 phase is done and go away. A Long While! LOL

Dora - Yeah, it's funny to see them imitating us. Hehehe.

Olive - Hahaha I don't remember if he's making a peace sign, but I guess he more on want to grab the camera from me! LOL

cheeyee said...

Oh yeah, Hao was actually try to point to something and say "Eee?". :D

Alice Phua said...

Like that picture of Hao! :-) son too (now 20 months old) is showing the same kind of reactions Hao is showing now.

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