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Monday, January 18, 2010

I don't want to be rude

Those of you who are living on the same country with me, I'm sure you may also get some phone call, from XXX bank, telling you that "Oh you are very lucky, in conjunction with our promotion bla bla bla you have been chosen to enjoy this special programme only offered to our special customers bla bla bla", right?

To me, I don't really mind getting this kind of phone call. I do understand that they are just doing their job. However lately, I met a person that I really cannot hold back and got myself very rude to him. He was trying to sell the insurance plan to me. Normally they will call up during office hour, and ask if you can talk or not. He said it is about a special program offer to me. And then he started to talk about this special program Apparently is an insurance policy. I tried to be nice and polite, and I waited until he finished explaining everything. I also tried not to be biased, and asked a few questions about it, just to make sure I do understand what he's trying to offer. Alright, now time for him to ask if I am interested on taking the offer. Well, the policy did sound good. I was thinking maybe I should check with my SIL, who is an insurance agent, about this insurance policy that he offered me. In another way, yes I'm considering getting it. So I told him I want to think about it. And that's where the story begins.

He thought maybe I was not too clear about the benefits of the policy, and tried to explain to me again how good it is, how different it is from other policy (apparently all insurance agent will do the same thing too). I told him I have no doubt on how good the policy is, I just want to discuss with my husband about it as it involved additional expenses to the household. He quoted example of Jusco member day, where the offer only valid for one day and I cannot go back few days later to buy the things paying the offer price which is not valid anymore. I then reminded him that, at least I was informed on when is the Member day in advance (Jusco will send mail to all the Jusco members before the event take place) and I can always go with my family and we can decide on the spot whether to buy or not. He continued to say things that trying to convince me to buy on the spot, telling me (again) how good the policy that I need not let it go bla bla bla. What I dislike about him, as if he's right all the time and I was not doing it right, or my action of discussing with husband is unnecessary. While being a consumer and customer, I believe I have my rights of doing thing according to my way and make my own decision about it.

It had been more than 15 minutes on the phone with this guy and I was in the office, early morning. I started get annoyed on his long winded speech and I finally told him that, I am not interested to buy anymore. I just want to hang up and continue with my work. I know I sound very rude. I definitely prefer a better way to end the phone conversation.

One month later, I got another call from XXX bank again on some special offer again. This time I become smarter and I asked is it about insurance policy. He said it is about an special offer to me, for my birthday actually and it will just take me 5 minutes. I recognized is the same annoying guy that I have spoken earlier. Immediately I told him, if it is about insurance, I'm not interested at all. As I do not need a new insurance policy. Well, he did not give up. He insisted I should listen to him first. And then he continued to talk about the insurance policy. I waited until he finished, and repeated to him that I don't need a new policy and I'm not interested. He still keep on asking questions about what insurance that I have etc trying to convince me this is different from my other existing policies and I should get it. Well, I already mentioned that I am not interested, why can't he listen to me? Anyway, I still answered his questions, and insisted to him that, I'm not buying! And I want to hang up because he's disturbing me to work! I know I am rude. But again, I don't want to waste my time on him. And he finally got the message and hang up.

He's not the only tele-marketer who calls me up. I do receive lots of other calls on this special offer thing too. But most of them, when I said I'm not interested, they won't explain more, they will just say Thank you for your time and hang up. I think it is important that in the sales and marketing line, you listen to your customer. Not necessary that even if you are selling the best product in the world, we must buy from you. There are time when we buy a product, not because it is the best, but because the sales person has the right attitude and that make us feel happy to buy from them.


Alice Law said...

Hehe.. you are considered very polite already~ When I was in the same situation, I just told them "I have no income, sorry and bye!" :p

smallkucing said...

my excuse

1) sorry, i am busy. *they say will call back later but most wont follow up punya. Even if the call, I'll reject the call"*

2) Ask which insurance agency they are from and told him/her i am holding several policy with their company. I will contact my agent about that*a white lie*

3) tell them I am also an insurance agent and thank them for their offer *another white lie. Normally they wont kacau anymore after this.*

Another thing to solve your problem is to email to the said bank and request them to take your name off their marketing list or else your will cancel the banking facilities with them :p

mNhL said...

I've also experience phone calls from those xxx bank selling insurance. Normally I will tell them honestly that I just bought a new policy and not enough budget. So no need waste time to explain to me. Normally, when they hear 'NO BUDGET' they will say, bye bye first. hehehe

Alice Phua said...

hahaha...after reading your blogpost, I think I'm like you. I'll give them chance to explain their products rather than shutting them out just like that because I understand they need to cari makan. Only difference is that I have already made up my mind that I won't be buying because no more money to tie down to another commitment. I told them this, some agents still persist, but not until as persistent as that agent you mentioned. Then last, last, they will tell me their contact number should I consider to buy from them next time, or if I know of any friends to recommend to them (of course in my heart is usually no recommendations loh)...:P

cheeyee said...

Alice Law - Haha, next time I should say no income also. :P

Smallkucing - I did 1) before... and most of the time they will call back.... 3) sounds good, means no chance to buy from you. Hahaha.

mNhL - Oh really? Saying no budget will shut them up? Next time must try. :) And thanks for visiting. :)

Alice Phua - Yeah, this one very persist until I beh tahan. He's like insist I should buy like that. Very annoying.

Kelvin said...

I always said tat i am not interested but they keep blabbing on and on...sometimes i just hang up. Got a few occasions they call me again with different telemarketer lol.

reanaclaire said...

each time i rec those, i will just tell them i m not interested before they even start on the policy or whatever..and most times, they will just say thank u.. and hang up. phew.. hahhaa..

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Chee Yee, you not the only one receiving these real bothersome calls, ha ha.
Here phone calls are free radius 50 miles, so you can imagine the calls we get, similar to yours.

And most times it comes from India as most large Corporations now outsource these telemarketing stuff to India as cheaper.

Well, we get at all times of the day, at night, while having dinner, shower, watching TV.

I will usually tell them, "sorry, I am not interested, please do not call me again".
Or, sometimes I have fun, I answer, "who? Mr Lee? Ohhh, he died last month", ha ha.

Or, I say, "look, we're having a funeral here now"....or, "once I answered, "Who? Mr Lee? Ohhh, he's in jail". ha ha.

Chee Yee, don't worry about being rude. You should here my wife telling them off in 15 seconds flat. Especially when she's cooking.
You stay easy, have a nice day, Lee.
PS, oh ya, many times I answer, "solly, I Englissee no speako". Ha ha. It works.

Anonymous said...

Ahahahahaha! LOL-ed so hard at Uncle Lee's comment!

smallkucing said...

Good idea time will try out Uncle Lee's Method :p

reanaclaire said...

haha,,,this U Lee.. he is so enlightening.. hope he can join us in this gathering..

smallkucing said...

Ya, Claire. Must ask him to fly back here :)

cheeyee said...

Kelvin - Wah, they still dare to call again. Lol

Claire - Wah, u so lucky. I never got one will just say thank you and hang up.

Uncle Lee - Hahaha the last one probably wont work here. Coz the first thing they will ask is - would u prefer Chinese or English? :P

Cleffairy and Smallkucing - Thx for dropping by. Looks like most of us get annoyed with this telemarketer thing. :)

Mummy to QiQi said... i straight away cut off the moment i receive calls from bank punya promotion. no more energy and time to entertain them.

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