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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Milk, Cheese and Butter

Since I was young, as far as I remember when I was in primary school, I don't like to drink milk. However every morning before going to school, my mom will make a cup of milk for us. During that time, I was like drink half cup and pour the other half cup away while mom was not looking (Shhhh!!!!! :P ). I just simply don't like the smell and taste of the milk. I still can remember that time I only choose to drink Nespray only, because the milk of this brand smell and taste least strong as compared to other brand like Dutch Lady. So my mom will only buy this brand. It continues even when I entered Secondary School. Until now, I still don't like to drink milk. Even during pregnancy, I did not drink milk at all. Cheese and butter too. I just cannot stand the strong smell and the taste. I don't eat this food since I was very young. And I'm the only one in my family who don't eat this food. While other family members love them so much. Hahaha don't ask me why. I think it's just like why some people don't eat durian. :)

Hubby on the other hand, love milk, cheese and butter very much too. The cheese and butter in the fridge are for him only. :D When the kids are born, I was thinking will the kids same like me, don't like these food or they will be like hubby, love them very much? Since both kids are fully breastfed when they were still a baby, so they should be following my diet right? As I never eat this food while I was pregnant and breastfeed them, so will they accept or reject them too? It actually turns out that Lynn loves cheese a lot. And she must have a cup of milk before going to sleep. Else she will wake up in the middle of the night crying for milk. Whenever she has bread, she will ask for either cheese slice or butter spread. We don't have margarine at home. Hubby does not fancy margarine. We buy butter spread instead. As for Hao, he eats everything the sister eats. So I believe he's also another cheese and butter lover. Three of them (hubby, Lynn and Hao) can finish one packet of the cheese slice very fast. They eat it as snack. Do the kids know that I don't eat this food? No they don't. :) Whenever Lynn offers me, I just tell her I don't want to eat. Hehehe! So I'm still the only one in the family who does not take milk, cheese and butter. :)


mNhL said...

We are just an opp. In my family, I'm the only person loves milk, butter and cheese! My house is always store with fresh milk.

reanaclaire said...

Dear cheeyee, I wanna shake hands with u.. like u, i cannot tahan milk smell, if forced to, i just gulped it down with one go, dont even want to pause otherwise, i feel like throwing up.. but i can take ice cream, butter cake or cheese cake.. only cannot drink it!

smallkucing said...

i can drink milk but i dont take cheese.

Alice Law said...

It's good that Lynn and Hao love the dairies, it's really good for them!

I can't take milk powder but am alright with the fresh one! Blessed my girl loves the dairies so so much!

Alice Phua said...

Lucky you! As for me, I like milk and milk products, hubby doesn't like milk but can take milk products, and my son follows his dad's step. FOr me, getting my boy to drinnk milk has always been a headache for me.

Dora said...

So u can't take dairy products but I love all that so much, cheese cake is one of my fav!!! Good thing is that u won't put on weight for not taking all these, hehehe :-)

Olive said...

Chee Yee, we are soooooo similar! Give me a high 5! I don't like milk, I don't take butter or cheese at all since small. I order pizza, without the cheese...but I find anmum choc flavour is acceptable during pregnancy and I add anmum lacta to my hot milo drink now.

cheeyee said...

mNhL - Ah, so your kids also don't take milk, butter and cheese?

Claire - Hehe, you are better than me. Me cheese cake also is a no-no. So whenever family members birthday, my mom will complain cannot buy cheese cake! Hahaha!

Smallkucing, Alice Law - I can take fresh milk also (like Claire like that, quickly gulp down with one go), but nowadays I tend to avoid milk at all. :P

Alice Phua - I think since Juan Or now already 1 yr +, should be OK if not taking milk. Or you can try fresh milk which smell less strong? And in fact, fresh milk are better quality milk. :)

Dora - Hahaha! Yeah won't put on weight not taking all these. But still will put on weight taking other food. :)

Olive - Hehe I can eat pizza with mozarella cheese, but not the parmeson or cheddar cheese. Most headache part is when order pasta, must choose without cheese or cream one. Not sure abt Anmum choc flavour, but I do not like the Enfamama choc flavour. I find it very strong milk smell. But good that you can take Anmum. :)

mNhL said...

Both the kids do take milk but not cheese and butter. For YX, his milk must add with Milo, otherwise he won't drink it. Baby XJ so far so good with her milk. Maybe her tastebud will change later gua? *finger crossed*

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Chee Yee, I too will take a pass on cheese.
But prefer Margarine then butter.
But I guess you don't drink milk, then your coffee black? Ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Anonymous said...

Den u dun eat pizza???

Broccoli Ginger said...

haha.. still keeping the record. :)

cheeyee said...

Uncle Lee - Hahaha black coffee... erm not for me. :P

Cleffairy - I take pizza with mozzarella cheese.

Broccoli & Ginger mommy - Yeah, :)

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