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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 and 2011

Year 2010 finally has over. It is not a very good year for me, but not the worst. I have been struggling a lot, learning a lot, self healing a lot, and holding a lot of guilt too. Forgive and let go, something sounds so easy and yet so hard to do. Instead, more grudge is building up.

I'm glad that, whenever I was feeling down, there are people around me who cheer me up and give me support, made me fee better, made me feel I'm not alone. I lost some friendships in year 2010, but I also made some new friends and their friendships are invaluable.

In year 2010 too, I pick up back reading, something that I love to do when I was very young, but did not do much since I become a parent. I find that reading helps me to de-stress and made me feel calmer. And because of it too, I come across books with spiritual content and get to know more about God, which as a results made me ponder a lot. I am a Buddhist actually. However ever since my grandmother passed away more than 10 years ago, plus hb is not a Buddhist, I seldom go to Buddhist temple anymore.

In year 2011, one of the things that I wish to achieve is forgiving and letting go on some issues that keep on happening. I have done it before but doing it again is actually becoming harder as there is greater resentment and disappointment now. Since the adjustments that I have made so far do not made me feel less unhappy, I hope by forgiving and letting go will make me feel better, and reduce the self healing time.

As for the kids, I achieved only part of the things that I want to do with them for year 2010. I hope to cover more in year 2011. I hope I will have more energy to spend more time with the kids, and be more patient with them.   

Year 2011 - another mission begin.


Chee-Siong said...

Wish you all the best for 2011 and ever. "Don't Worry, Be Happy".


Small Kucing said...

all the best :D

Anonymous said...

for me, i struggle with forgiving too.
but now i realize forgiving is selfish, its free us from the burden, and make our heart have bigger room for love too.
take care wish this year is better than last, and yes spiritual is important too. :)

cleffairy said...

Sigh....I hope 2011 will be better for me... but I can't say much til April comes.

cheeyee said...

CS - Thanks! All the best to you too. And thanks for dropping by. :)

SK - Thanks. :)

Goldflower - Bigger room for more love? I don't think I'm ready for that yet. More love = potential of more hurt. Hehehe.

Cleffairy - Don't think so much. :)

Alice Law said...

LOL, really... so much to learn in life, especially after having kids!^-^

Wishing your resolution comes true my friend!

mNhL said...

A brand new year, a brand new dream ! Happy new year to you and family.

Anonymous said...

mahatma gandhi say on;y brave people can love. hehehe
we love and need love, but true love is giving key to someone to break your heart, but if no love... what left in this world.
i rather remain vulnerable and getting hurt again than being a person who is not capable of love me think.

forgiving is never easy, healing need time too. i wish u all the best!

cheeyee said...

Alice Law - Yeah so much to learn.

mNhL - Happy New Year to you and your family too!

goldflower - I don't mean not to give love. At the very least I still love myself, my husband, my children, my family. But we don't have to love all the people that we know. Sometimes it is better to keep some distance. Forgiving is never easy, but not impossible. :)

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