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Monday, January 24, 2011

I read, I think, I share

I have been reading really a lot lately. PC time has been reduced to minimum and most of the personal time I have is spent on reading books. Usually I can finish reading one book within 2 weekday nights. I read after sending the kids to bed.

With internet, it is very easy to get free eBook to read. However some of them come with condition - writing review. I do not want to flood this blog with many book reviews, whether it is due to obligation, or just because I want to share a good book. Except those that I must post here, I have decided to write the book reviews on another blog - I read, I think, I share. It is also serves as a record, of the books that I have read (though not all). Since I read mostly eBook, if you are interested on any of those, welcome to ask a copy from me.


Alice Law said...

Congratulation Chee Yee, reading is one of the best way to pamper ourselves! Yalor, I normally review books in another blog too, but the only problem is since the blog traffic is poor, certain site might not accept our application!>_<

Enjoy your book!^-^

eugene said...

Now that you have given me more insight into the free ebooks stuff,may be i would just look into it,,, but to review, i think i am not keen,,,,cos i believe every author has his or her own style,,,, so when i read, i love to read thinking like the author instead of seeing the bads and the goods per se..

hey happy CNY shopping ya

cheeyee said...

Alice Law - If you talk about BookSneeze, they don't care about your traffic. But Tyndale much more strict. If you talk about Net Gallery, yes certain publishers are more strict. But still some publishers don't care.

Eugene - There are still lots of eBook available for free to download without the need to write review. Just sometimes I want to read those before releasing to the market, so have to write review.

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