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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pre CNY Get Together

Since five years ago, every year before CNY he will treat all of us a sumptuous meal. It started when he received his first big bonus. It becomes like an annual event for us and now even without receiving bonus, he continues to treat us a nice meal. Despite I don't enjoy CNY as much as before I got married, but I do welcome this small gesture from my brother as it does help enlighten me during this time of the year.

Normally, my brother will arrange for Chinese set meals from the Chinese restaurant. This year for a change, he decided to take all of us for a Japanese buffet lunch at Umai-ya, Puchong. Some of the food that we have that day:

Sashimi is my favorite! And their sashimi is fresh and delicious! Most of the Japanese restaurant does not normally serve the squid and octopus sashimi in the buffet menu as they are more pricey, but not for Umai-ya. And their chawan mushi has quite a lot of fillings inside, unlike most other Japanese restaurant where mostly just the eggs. I like their tempura too. Unagi fish also is my favorite. The hand roll is just perfect! And free flow of Tiger beer!

Including the family members from my SIL side, total there are 13 adults and 7 children. The price for adults is RM48++, children age 3-12 is half price and children below 3 is RM10. Baby is free. It is definitely worth the price! Just the sashimi alone already worth the price. :)

Bro, thank you very much for the lunch. I enjoy myself very much. :)


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Chee Yee, thats a great brother you have.
And the food looks simply delicious.
I have only sisters, but have never been clost to them. Reason being they all went abroad to England to study...and stayed on.
While I was working in Malaysia.

I have only seen my sisters if to count the days all the years. maybe a total of 30 days!
3 sisters, 3 different countries, and now me in Canada....haven't seen them past 10 years, one 20 years, only emails.

That Tiger ber looks real good. It is sold here too.
Have fun,

reanaclaire said...

Very cheap chee yee.. normally Japanese food is real expensive..

Small Kucing said...

finally activated again :D

Oliveoylz said...

Making me yearn for Japanese buffet again! Love sashimi and tempura and yeah...really love everything they serve in a Jap buffet! Oh yes...agree the price is very reasonable at this restaurant! Such a nice yearly pre-CNY gesture from your bro! He's very generous:)

prince n princess mum said...

I like japanese food.. wanna go wanna go..

mNhL said...

Your brother is very generous!

cheeyee said...

Uncle Lee - I have no sister, one brother only. Wow you have not met with your sisters for so long. Should organize one gathering! LOL!

Claire - Jom, next time when you come KL we go makan. But has to be weekend.

Small Kucing - Haha cannot always lazy mah. :p

Olive - Haha next time if you come KL, go there and eat. The buffet is for weekend only. :)

prince n princess mum - Go go! :)

mNhL - Yeah, he's generous to all of us. :)

Alice Law said...

Chee Yee, I should thank you and your brother too for introducing Umai-ya! Juan Juan is a big fan for Jap cuisine and often pesters us to bring her to Jap buffet, so far we had only brought her to Saisaki!

Your BIG brother? That's really kind and generous of him, he must be a really nice person!:)

Nice spread of Jap food, I love sashimi too!;D

Mummy to QiQi said...

last time we went to the one in damansara and at that time, Puchong branch just open and they did not have buffet yet. So nice your brother!

Yee Ling said...

That's so nice of your brother. I think the price is relatively reasonable compared to those in high end malls

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