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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I was exceptionally hard working, doing housekeeping on my PC at home last night. Earlier I copied some movies from my brother; which took most of the hard disk space. Last month, I bought a portable hard disk online through my colleague, for extra storage and also served as backup. Ever since my PC at my office was attacked by virus around mid of last year, I always wanted to back up some of my personal stuff at home to a separate place, especially those photos. Earlier I did back up some photos into the CDs. But that was quite a long time ago. So it's time to do the back up again.

I transferred all the movies into the portable hard disk. One thing to free up the disk space of the PC, another reason is I probably will watch it from the TV downstairs at the living room instead of from the PC. Using the portable hard disk I can just connect it to the media player easily. The movies are easy. Just copy and paste the folders. But it is not as simple for the photos as I also intend to make a copy to the CD as well. Long time ago, I bought the CDR in bulk and still have lots left. Each of them is only 700MB. Luckily all my photos are already categorized in different folders based on the content. So I just need to drag the folders, but I have to make sure they add up not more than 700MB. At the end, I have 13 CDs of the photos. I also copied another set to the portable hard disk. So now I should not worry if anything happen to the CDs or the portable hard disk, at least I still have another copy. These photos are invaluable. If I lost them, I won't be able to travel back to the past to recapture them again.

Phew feel so good after the back up is done. Although I do not go to porn site, but you will never guess when and how the virus can come to our PC. I notice some of the blogs, whenever I visit the blog there are always pop up ads which actually made me don't feel good about it. During the virus attack in my office last year, even though the IT personal in the company managed to save the hard disk of my PC at work, but for precaution they still wanted me to switch the hard disk out. When I copied the stuff to new hard disk, I did not copy all. I left out those from old projects which were done many years back, which I regretted now. I don't have many documents at home, those photos are the most precious one. Argh I just remember - I need to back up my tax related documents too! They are equally important!


Alice Law said...

You are so rajin neh... to date I still haven't back up my last year photos(paiseh), and the documents are piling up...(sweats)!!!

Thanks for the motivation and reminder, I think I'll do it before CNY!;D

p/s: Yalor... I also feel irritating to visit blog with pop up advertisement, feel rather unsafe!>_<

mNhL said...

Recently also got a portable disk to keep all the photos. So precious. haha

Oliveoylz said...

You're right! It sure feels good to have all our stuff backed up. Better safe than sorry...

I've been planning to backup pictures taken in Dec 2010 but keep procrastinating. Thanks for the push! Appreciate it.

De'Little Ones said...

I better backed up mine too...

cheeyee said...

Alice Law - You only need to do for last year? Mine is from year 2008. LOL!

mNhL - Yeah, very precious. :)

Olive - Mine is from year 2008 onwards. You can see how rajin I am. LOL!

De Little Ones - Yup. :)

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