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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Coffee o Coffee

I'm not addict to coffee. Coffee is not a must for me. But I do enjoy drinking coffee and usually I would like to have a cup of coffee in the afternoon in office, enjoying the aroma and the taste. While I enjoy drinking coffee, I also aware the fact that I can only take it with the following condition:

1. Must not be empty stomach
2. Must not take it after breakfast no matter how heavy the breakfast is
3. Take some food after taking the coffee

Not sure why, drinking coffee made me feeling hungry. So if I drink it with empty stomach, I will feel very weak later as if I have not had food for the whole day. The feeling is terrible! So the only time I will have a cup of coffee, is after lunch.

Recently, I discover one more thing - I can't only drink certain brand of the coffee! I usually buy 3-in-1 only, white coffee most of the time. Usually I buy the same brand. But once a while, I would like to try something different. And see if I like it. The first time I encountered this, I did not realize it's the coffee that did not suit my stomach. I thought I have eaten something wrong with the food, causing my stomach not well. Same thing happened for few days, before I realized I had changed to different brand of the coffee. I stopped immediately. Then the next day nothing bad happen. So I know I could not take that brand, because the coffee tastes stronger. That was sometimes last year.

2 weeks ago, I bought a different brand of the coffee. I tried it on Sunday - did not taste very strong to me. So I guess I could take it. For last Mon to Thursday, every day I had a cup of coffee after lunch. Monday morning, I had a pack of nasi lemak. Then in the afternoon, I started to feel my tummy not well. I thought is the nasi lemak. Same thing happened in Tuesday, but very mild one. Wednesday too. And then Thursday also. So cannot be still the nasi lemak from Monday right? Then suddenly it hit me - the coffee!!! Argh, looks like my stomach cannot tolerate the new coffee also! I was sick and staying on my bed the whole weekend. Fever and stomach upset. Hungry but no appetite to eat, thus ate very little. :(

I don't think I will try other brand of coffee anymore. I will just stick to that one brand from now onwards! *sob sob*


cleffairy said...

:( I cannot take coffee... will get terrible palpitations, so it's all tea for me. Mebbe one day when I'm free, i'll write about this too...

Broccoli Ginger said...

Ic.. I already gave up drinking coffee. I used to like it too. But not anymore. :)

Small Kucing said...

what brand? Gua minat coffee and kopi also. But I love Kopi more

prince n princess mum said...

i seldom drink coffee

cheeyee said...

Cleffairy - I enjoy drinking tea also. :)

Broccoli Ginger - Eh, how come not like it anymore?

Small Kucing - You mean what brand that I can take? Old Town. What's the different between coffee and Kopi?

prince n princess mum - I only started drinking coffee regularly 3 years ago.

Alice Law said...

I used to addict to coffee, but ever since I gave birth to Juan Juan I can't consume those strong arabica coffee. My heart will palpitate and throb like crazy... scary~!>_<

Oliveoylz said...

I used to drink 2 cups of coffee a day to perk me up while I was in the corporate world. Funny thing, very strong coffee makes me brew can have a laxative effect on me...

Anonymous said...

i will be rolling on floor in pain if i take coffee with empty stomach. the 3 in 1 stuff not real coffee, got mix with other thing. so maybe diff brand mix different thing, thats why not ngam with you? i dislike 3 in 1 coffee.

cheeyee said...

Alice Law - Aww... then do you miss coffee?

Olive - Wah 2 cups per day... not me. Hahaha!

Goldflower - I grow up in a family who do not drink coffee... so shame to say I don't know how to make a cup of coffee, thus drinking 3-in-1 lor. Hahaha! Used to have a coffee making machine in the office, but spoil already. >.<

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