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Tuesday, April 7, 2009



Started reading fairy tales to Lynn every night before she goes to bed last week. Before this, I do not have a fixed routine to read to her. Why? It is because when she was younger, she will just want to grab the book from me, and refused to give me back. Or she wanted to turn the pages herself, before I could finish reading it even though there is just one line on one page. With all these distraction, I dislike reading to her. It's like a war for us, fighting to get hold of the book. So I only read she's in a mood to let me hold the book.

I used to buy lots of books for her. Since I cant read much in the past, I used to give her picture books. She will open the book, look at the picture and ask me what it is. And I will in turn read the word for her. But she's going to turn three next month. So I think maybe it's good to start reading stories to her. Guess what? She was very happy when I tell her to be quick, to settle down before I need to feed the boy, so that I can have some time read story for her. So she was happily behave good, looking forward for the story telling time. When I started reading, she let me hold the book and read for her (as I have clearly stated to her before hand, no story telling if not listening to mommy. Devil ).

Cinderella is the first fairy tales, that I read to her. Guess what? After first story, the next day, she asked for more! Hehehe... yes I read 2 stories for the second night. So far, Cinderella is still her favourite. I let her choose the stories she would like me to read and Cinderella is always one of her choice. Happy Sometimes Hao has not slept yet, so I put him on my lap while reading to Lynn. Hao will always want to grab the book and Lynn will always try to protect the book from him. And I will hold the book further so that it is out of reach of him. Hehehe not sure if the boy is listening to my story telling (he will try get something else to play) but at least Lynn is listening. She's very happy that I'm spending time with her. So after story telling, she will happily go to bed herself without making much fuss. Big Grin

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little prince's mummy said...

I tell whatever story in my mind to my son before he sleeps... Yet, recently he bored with the stories already, maybe I need to read more tales.. haha~~~

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