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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stay alert

When economy is not good, social crimes will increase. Sigh... some people just have "money" in their mind. Heard of my SIL last week, her business partner's house was broken in. During day time! It's like a man came saying repairing the air-conditioner. So the MIL opened the door for this man. Apparently he's a thief. The business partner had lost in total RM 20k value of cash and items. Luckily other rooms were locked. So the man only manage to take the things from the master bedroom. Well, it's a big lost. Probably he had 'earned' so much, he did not harm the MIL.

We should always tell whoever at home if they are expecting anyone to come over. Do not open to door to anyone without any verification. We should stay alert all the time.


reanaclaire said...

hi chee yee..thanks for coming by and commenting..
yes, due to our society and with so many foreigners nowadays, we need to take precaution.. it is very frightening to hear about so much of these robberies and crimes and not doing much to overcome it..

sting said...

ya.. should not open the door to just anyone these days... just curious, were their air-con broken? I mean was your MIL expecting a repairman?

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