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Thursday, April 23, 2009

My experience on baby wearing

Come to know about sling a baby was 3 years back when Lynn was still a baby. Lynn was very clingy to me. She required my attention all the time. She refused to stay in the walker. I could hardly do any housework. Then I saw sling in the internet and thought this should be helpful. About 3 years ago, sling was not very popular here. I did not know anyone using sling. I could only get information from the internet.

I bought my first pouch sling from the Kiddy’s Place in Cheras Leisure Mall. The sling pouch cost me RM 149.90. It was quite expensive at that time. The shop people there did not know much about sling, could not help me to choose a correct size and could not show me the correct way to sling a baby. I downloaded the instruction on how to sling a baby using pouch sling from internet. With some practice, I managed to get hold of Lynn using the pouch sling. Well, I did not know if I sling her the correct way. As long as I feel comfortable and she was not complaining, I was happy with it.

Therefore, I started to sling Lynn a lot at home, when I need to do the housework. From working in the kitchen (except cutting food and cooking), to hang the clothes,  I sling her all the time at home, but not so much when we were going out. Lynn was already more than 6 months old when I started to sling her. If we went to supermarket to buy groceries, we could place her on the shopping cart. Therefore, I did not need to sling her. The only time I sling her a lot outside was during our trip to Bali and Singapore when she was 9 months old. We did not bring any stroller along. Hubby could not fit into the sling pouch. Therefore, we took turn to carry her. I used the pouch sling while hubby used the baby carrier, which we got it from a friend.

When I sling Lynn in Bali, the local people there was looking at me. Well I am not sure was it due to my position was not correct, or they had not seen a Chinese people like me sling a baby. However, I did not quite remember about this part when I was in Singapore.

As the sling pouch that I bought was a reversible type, so it is made of double layer cotton. Yes, it was quite hot. Well, considering I was a newbie at that time and know nothing about choosing a sling. In fact, only recently I realized that it was not the correct size for me. May be it fit me well 3 years ago, but not now. Even though the size of the sling pouch is S size, I found it is a bit too long for me. When I sling Hao, I could not achieve total hand free. Moreover, Hao sweats very easily. When I sling him on this double layer pouch sling, we both sweat heavily.

After looking at those beautiful slings from De Gallery, and reading so much from De Moments talking about ring sling, I decided to try it and got myself a new ring sling. (Sorry, still have no new camera with me yet so no pic of the new sling in this post.) As ring sling is adjustable, so I need not worry about the size. Nevertheless, I become smarter now; I chose the silk cloth, which is more cooling compared to cotton, and NO more double layer.

With the experience in pouch sling, and some tips from Chinnee, I do not have much problem using the ring sling. In fact, I like it a lot. Firstly, it was a very beautiful sling. Secondly, it was cooling. Thirdly, it fit me well. Now I can achieve total hands free!

With Lynn around to play with Hao at home, actually I do not need to sling him at home to do housework. I use the ring sling more for when we are going out, especially if I am out with the kids alone. It is so much easier for me to move around alone, without the need to load and unload the stroller from the car boot. Before I buy the ring sling, we seldom use the stroller when we went out. Hubby said it is troublesome. Now with the sling, there are even less chances for us to take the stroller along. There are people looking at me in the shopping mall when I sling the boy. Oh well, I usually just ignore them. All I know is my boy enjoy in the sling, and I love the feeling hugging him close to me. To me, he is at the perfect size for me to carry him. Sling Hao really gives us a very good bonding time. I want to remember this feeling for very long long time.

P/S: Chinnee, thanks for sharing so much on baby wearing with me. Without you, I won’t be able to enjoy the special moments with the kids. Thank you so much!

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