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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

CDC – 2nd appointment

Hao got his second appointment with the Child Development Clinic (CDC) in HUKM on Monday. I took a day off from work to take him there, as his appointment was in the late morning, at 11.30am.

Hao was in rather good mood that day. Unlike last visit, this time he was very friendly to the paed. The paed asked me many questions about his development and his diet. She also played some games with him to check his abilities on -

  • Able to pick up small items
  • Will make sounds like ba, mum, da etc.
  • Play small blocks using both hands to make some sound
  • Able to throw
  • When throw or drop thing into the ground, his eye will follow the object
  • Able to follow the instruction
  • Will search for hidden object
  • Able to focus on moving object
  • Able to crawl
  • Able to stand
  • Able to pull himself up

The paed wanted to see Hao walking. She put him on a carpet, and placed his hand holding to the grill of the handle of the stairs case. Then I used a toy to attract him to walk. The paed checked his leg while he was walking.

In overall, she was very happy with Hao’s development. Oh yes, she also told me that I should expect Hao has slower speech development. The reason being he is the second child, most of the time the first child will tend to speak for him. Thus, he will not need to speak much. Well this is something new to me. Currently Hao is having five servings of milk, and two servings of semi solid food (baby cereal and porridge) in a day. The paed suggested me replace one more serving of the milk with semi solid food, to increase his weight. Alright, now I got to plan his meals again. Hope this will help increase his weight. I wish he will be at least 10kg when he become 1 year old.


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De'Little Ones said...

2nd child will speak slower? This is not what I notice so far on Kylin.

cheeyee said...

It is common for baby boy to have slower development in speech. Anyway, this may not be true for every baby. (My nephew can speak better than my niece and both are just one month apart.)

I think the paed just don't want me to get worry if this thing happen. I don't think she's referring to every 2nd child.

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