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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thumb sucking

Lynn has this bad habit of thumb sucking since she was a baby. Actually I and hubby did not allow her to suck her thumb. However since she had this comfort sucking habit to sleep, when she was in her nanny house without me being around, she was on bottle feed and could not have comfort sucking. So she turned to suck her own thumb. Nanny had tried giving her pacifier but she rejected it. Nanny had to give way as she could not sleep without sucking her thumb. Since then, the bad habit had been following her till now. She's going to turn three next month!

We had tried applying ginger, chili, and the minyak angin to her finger. However she still continues sucking her thumb. Until now, you can see there is an extra bump in her thumb. We keep on telling her no good sucking thumb, she's a big sister now, her thumb does not look good anymore etc. And yet she still continues sucking her thumb, especially when she goes to bed, or when she is bored. Sigh... anyone has any better suggestion on how to make her stop sucking thumb?


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Kit said...

:* Nope. The minyak angin(some menthol oil) was what worked on me.

De'Little Ones said...

Try searching the net for more ideas.

Alice Law said...

My mom told me she used to be a thumb-sucker until she got a callus or bump on her thumb, and my grandmama helped her to get rid of the habit by applying the "lotus seeds' powder" (Lien zi mo)on her thumb! It's known to be very bitter... don't know whether it would help Lynn.

Btw, here is one of my favourite website. Hopefully it would help...

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