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Monday, April 6, 2009

My Old Faithful Canon IXUS 500

I bought this Canon IXUS 500 about 5 years ago through a friend. He got 2 discount vouchers on buying this camera at slightly cheaper price with some freebies, and he was kind enough to share the vouchers with me (He bought one himself too). It is the very first camera that I bought for myself. I used to like this camera a lot. It is easy to use, give good shots and produce nice picture. I have been using it to capture all sorts of pictures that give good memories. Well, 5 years are too short and good enough for a camera to last? I don't know. Lend it to my parents few years back when they went to China. Maybe it's due to the cold weather there (they went there during spring season). The camera gave some problem after that. I sent for repair once after that. Since then, I becoming not so like the camera already. The quality of the picture has become not that good already. And also the battery is not lasting anymore. I have to charge the battery right before I need to use it. Else it will be depleted over time and when I want to use it, it can only last for few shots before I get the battery low warning. So I seldom use it anymore. As I do not have another camera, so indirectly I'm taking much less picture now.

At the beginning of the year, I planned to get a new camera. So I waited for the sales in March. I also search through the web for the new camera. However just before I manage to purchase the new camera, the Canon camera went death. :( Well, it's due to my careless too. I put in on my lap and it dropped to the ground when I was attending Hao. So I have been without camera for a month. I could not capture the picture of the kids until I get the new camera. The new camera that I'm looking for, according to the news will be brought into Malaysia by end of March. I hope it will be available in the Malaysia market very soon. I can't wait for a new camera!


little prince's mummy said...

Looking forward to see more photos from your coming soon new camera...

Mummy to QiQi said...

my friend just bought a new Lumix. now camera is very cheap, only Rm699 for 8MGpixel! she told me 10M only cost another Rm100.

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