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Friday, April 10, 2009

Wait for self-weaning?

There are people asking me for how long I intend to breastfeed Hao. Well, my original plan is at least he is 1 year old. Looks like I'm going to achieve it very soon. (Hehe less than 3 more months to go. :P)

For Lynn, I breastfed her until she was 10 months old. I feel a bit regret after I have stopped breastfeeding her. Like no more bonding moments between us, even though she was still much attached to me even after no more breastfeeding (until now still the same). For Hao, I don't really mind to breastfeed him longer, after 1 year old. Even though I can't be lazy expressing the milk everyday (yes everyday!), no more dine out for lunch (lunch time being used to express milk), when I go out alone or without taking him along I have to think of what time I should be back to feed him (so that I don't have to pump) etc. However since breast milk is the best for the baby, moreover you CANT buy it, so I have NO complain at all! Just need to arrange the time accordingly. :)

I really don't mind and would like to breastfeed him, until 2 years old (following the WHO recommendation). I only have one concern - will he become like a mommy boy? I tried do some reading over the Internet. Some mention about the baby will be self-weaning after they are 1 year old. Is that mean I should wait for him to self-wean? Last time for Lynn, since I'm the one who want to stop the breastfeeding, I purposely replaced her milk time with semi-solid food. Within 2 weeks to 1 month, my supply dropped and eventually being fully replaced by formula milk the following month (hehe it took ages and much effort to increase the supply but very easy to reduce it). In fact, towards the end of the month, she started to reject drinking the breast milk from the bottle already. Alright back to Hao, should I continue and wait for him to self-wean? Is my concern of him becoming a mommy boy, valid?


Mummy to QiQi said...

CY, i decided to continue and bf until they wanna stop by themselves. Afterall how many babies can we have in one life right? Furthermore they are my last babies:) I hope you think the same like me.

Francis Ameda Breast Pump said...

Good plan. Breast feeding is the most natural way of feeding you child. Not only it provides the nutritious nutrients but also as what you've said it develops a bond between mother and child. Breast feeding is best for babies for up to 2 years.

cleffairy said...

This is one question I don't think I can answer. I mean, if you could accommodate your boy and breastfeed him without hassle, why not continue to breastfeed him until he self wean? Mummy's boy or not, I think he would learn to be independent naturally, even if he's still breastfeeding. There are children who are totally mummy's boy and mummy's girl even though they are not breastfeed. They stick to their mummy like stamp on envelope. I think the issue of mummy's boy here should not be brought up or be concern about.

ps: Breastfeeding is also a god contraceptive method. LMAO... so, why not?

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