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Monday, April 13, 2009

Monster in the bathroom?

As usual tonight, before going to bed I gave Lynn a quick shower. No soup will be used, just plain water to wash away the excess sweat. Lynn is an active child. She likes to run and jump around a lot. So she tends to sweat very easily.

So tonight after giving her the quick shower, I dried her up at the area outside the shower area inside the bathroom. She was still making the whoa whoa whoa sounds.  I thought she was still in the playing mood which she always likes to play with me whenever I shower her. I asked her why is she making such noise. To my surprise, instead of giving me the cheeky look and smile, she replied me "monster shower Qian Lynn."

"What? Monster shower Qian Lynn?" I asked her back. She said yes. "There, monster is there." She pointed to a corner of the shower area. Immediately I feel very scary. My hair was standing up. I quickly finished drying her up and we came out from the bathroom. I don't dare to ask so much. But honestly deep inside me I feel very scary and eerie.

Hubby was outside in the master bedroom looked after the boy. I told hubby what's Lynn told me. He said I made him feel scary. I probably a little over sensitive to her words. Well.... I'm not sure. I believe child can sense and see something that we  as adult are not able to see. Moreover now is the Ching Meng month. Luckily hubby accompanied us for a while, until both kids have fallen asleep, before heading out of the bedroom to use the PC. Then I tried to brave myself, to take a super quick shower (I probably won't bathe if I don't feel sticky.)

I pray and hope she was not right. And nothing will happen.

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KT Lee said...

really scary, especially when Lynn's say it.

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